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Sie ist Kapitänin der Big Mom-Piratenbande und herrscht als Königin über Totland. Außerdem ist. Big Mom-Piratenbande Name: Big Mom-Piratenbande One Piece-Manga - Abenteuer auf der Fischmenscheninsel (Band 62) - Kapitel ~ Die Flagge von​. Charlotte Linlin, auch bekannt unter dem Namen Big Mom ist ein Yonkō, wie Eustass Kid vor. One Piece Charlotte Linlin/Big MOM Action Figure PVC Figure - Hohe 9,84 Inches: Baby. Siyushop One Piece Portrait of Pirates: Charlotte Linlin, Big MOM, PVC-Figur, Sammler-Action-Figur, for Kinder, Erwachsene Und Anime-Fans - High 9 Inches:​.

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Anime One Piece Big Mom Charlotte Linlin PVC Figure Statue New In Box. Ca. EUR 50,28 Kostenloser Versand. US $56, Lieferung ca. Mi, 15 Jul - Fr, 7 Aug. Charlotte Linlin, auch bekannt unter dem Namen Big Mom ist ein Yonkō, wie Eustass Kid vor. One Piece Charlotte Linlin/Big MOM Action Figure PVC Figure - Hohe 9,84 Inches: Baby. Luffy's Allied Forces Are Annihilated?! Believing the intruders have been dealt with, the meeting adjourned. Inside the Mirro-World, Flampe quitely interferes with Luffy's fight with Katakuri, causing Luffy to suffer a severe injury. Grand Battle! Subordinates click the following article. Officers :.

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It is because of Mother Carmel that Big Mom believes that all races should live together in her kingdom and supports the idea of racial equality.

However, in return for the protection, she requires all her residence to give a piece of their souls every six months as compensation so that they can live safely in Totto Land.

Big Mom also seems to have a strong disdain for giants as Vinsmoke Judge points out that there are no giants in Totto Land which made her mad at him.

Because of her bad history on Elbaf in the past and not having the giants as an ally to take down the other emperors, Big Mom holds a strong dislike for giants in general.

Due to her obsession with Germa's science technologies, Big Mom is also manipulative when she pretended to be friendly and formed an alliance.

In her truth, the alliance was faked and the wedding was rigged as Big Mom has no uses for Judge or his family. She lied to Sanji about her promise to let Luffy and the others live peacefully and intended to kill his crew.

She intended to use the Vinsmokes to get her hand on their weapons. When Big Mom is rampaging because of not having a certain food to eat, she is shown to be violent, dangerous, and destructive to everyone around her and is most likely to attack anyone regardless if they are her enemies or not.

Despite rampaging and seemingly losing her ability to tell who is her family or not, Big Mom is capable of identifying people she is familiar with like Pudding but will not restrain herself from attacking them either.

Also despite rampaging, she has an understanding of what she is doing and how significant her actions can be such as telling Jinbe that she would be forced to kill her eldest son, Perospero , if she found out he lied to her which she admits she would not want to do.

Big Mom cares a lot about her reputation and would get easily enraged when someone does something to ruin her built up a reputation.

Because of Luffy's action on Whole Cake Island, Big Mom holds a special hatred for the young pirate and vows to go after him and kill him to fix her reputation.

Big Mom also dislikes the news if it does not report anything in her favor. Big Mom is also willing to contact a Yonko , Kaido to set up an alliance for her own benefits.

After falling off the waterfall in an attempt to get into Wano Country and nearly drowning, Big Mom lost her memories. Unlike her original personality, she is shown to be jovial and friendly.

She thanked Tsuru for the food she ate but kindly says it was not enough food for her. Like her original personality and how she was as a child, she is excited at wanting to get more food to eat.

When she craves special food to eat, she would tell others how much she would like to eat it. Big Mom will attack anyone who refuses to give her the food she wants such as attacking Queen for refusing to give her O-Shirukos.

When she does not get the food she wants such as the O-Shiruko, Big Mom would become enraged at the people who ate the food she wanted.

Unlike her original personality who was selfish, Big Mom admits she wants the O-Shiruko so that she could also share it with the villagers she met.

Despite losing her memories, Big Mom was wrathful when she lost the O-Shirukos and would go on a rampage when someone inconveniences her.

As a Yonko , Big Mom is known around the world and by the World Government as an extremely powerful individual. With her powers and influence, she rules over the archipelago, Totto Land, and many islands in the New World.

Because of her powers, she is feared by many in the New World. According to the Gorosei , she is one of the few individuals who are powerful enough to defeat Marshall D.

Big Mom has immense physical strength and durability. Her skin is able to resist physical damage that would normally severely injure or kill anyone who is reckless.

Her skin is able to resist gunfire, cannon fire, and other attacks without leaving a scratch on her body. With her immense strength, she can rampage throughout a town and destroy buildings by eating them.

Despite her size, she can climb on top of the buildings. When anyone damages the Mother Carmel photo, Big Mom would go mentally insane and begin screaming.

Her unique scream is powerful enough to incapacitate anyone around since it is very loud. Her scream is also imbued with Conqueror's Haki which can knock out anyone near her and can even destroy incoming projectiles.

Big Mom with Prometheus in her hair, with Napolean in her hand, and Zeus below her. Though Big Mom steals souls when those are afraid of her, but cannot steal their souls when anyone is not scared such as Jinbe.

With her special Homies, Prometheus and Zeus created from her very own soul, Big Mom can manipulate the weather. Whenever one of her Sweet Commanders were defeated, Big Mom showed her fury and use Prometheus and Zeus to cause a rainstorm to summon her entire army to deal with one who defeats the Sweet Commander.

Big Mom has tremendous swordsmanship when her Homie, Napoleon who can transform into either a cutlass, longsword, or heraldic seax. She also has Conqueror's Haki as the queen of Totto Land.

With her Conqueror's Haki, she can knock out any weak-willed person by exerting her will power. Big Mom also has Armament Haki which is powerful enough to take a full-force attack from Luffy in his gear fourth form without receiving an injury.

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