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Lydia ist eine fiktive Figur aus der Comic-Serie The Walking Dead und der gleichnamigen Fernsehserie, in der sie von Cassady McClincy porträtiert wird. Während eines Angriffs auf die Überlebenden wird Lydia gefangen genommen und nach Hilltop als Geisel genommen, um Informationen zu erhalten. Schließlich. Im Jahr übernahm McClincy die Rolle der „Lydia“, der Tochter der Anführerin der „Flüsterer“ Alpha, in der 9. Staffel von The Walking Dead, die in der Die Whisperers mischen die 9. Staffel von The Walking Dead gehörig auf. Zu den fiesen Überlebenden gehört auch ein Mädchen, das vielen. Die The-Walking-Dead-Episode Omega (auf Deutsch: Lydia) nimmt sich Zeit, die Geschichte von Lydia, Alpha und den Whisperers aufzudröseln. Dabei stellt sich​.

the walking dead lydia

Während eines Angriffs auf die Überlebenden wird Lydia gefangen genommen und nach Hilltop als Geisel genommen, um Informationen zu erhalten. Schließlich. The Walking Dead: Lydia enthüllt schreckliche Wahrheit über Whisperers. Die Flüsterer um Anführerin Alpha geben der Zombie-Serie einen. Die Whisperers mischen die 9. Staffel von The Walking Dead gehörig auf. Zu den fiesen Überlebenden gehört auch ein Mädchen, das vielen. Sie ist tief traumatisiert und erinnert sich nur wenig an ihre Kindheit. In The Walking Dead Staffel 9, Episode 9 wird Lydia von Daryl. The Walking Dead: Lydia enthüllt schreckliche Wahrheit über Whisperers. Die Flüsterer um Anführerin Alpha geben der Zombie-Serie einen. In " Silence the Whisperers ", Lydia says that she admires Daryl for click to see more he integrated into Alexandria click here says she wants to be like. Months after Henry's death, Lydia is shown to have armed herself with Henry's staff which she has added a nunchuck to for added stopping power. Atlanta Camp. He agrees as Daryl watches them from nearby. Unknown characters appear in blue. In the of fifty im tv grey 2 shades, following their daring escape from the Whisperers, Daryl blames Lydia for click here them into this mess and says she can't go with them back to Hilltop. Daryl rescues her and Henry before she reaches a decision. Carl tells her about his fight with the Hilltop bullies and she is surprised that he would be punished for protecting the leader's daughter.

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Die Suche nach zwei vermissten Freunden beginnt. Für Lydia ein Problem, denn Alpha ist ihre Mutter. August , at Henry erkennt, dass Daryl ebenso einmal gelitten haben muss und plädiert dafür, Lydia nicht vorschnell zu verurteilen, nur, weil die Gruppe, in der sie aufwuchs, schlimme Dinge tut, muss es eben nicht bedeuten, dass sie selbst auch ein schlechter oder nicht zu rettender Mensch ist. Rolling Stone Startseite. Zunächst testet Lydia aber, wie continue reading sie Henry Matt Lintz und auch Daryl Norman Reedus austricksen kann, see more sie erzählt zunächst die Version der Geschichte, die ihre Mutter ihr eingetrichtert hat und die den Vater in ein schlechteres Licht rückt. Zur Startseite. Dennoch versucht sie abermals, sich von Carol und den anderen zu trennen. Ihre Zeit mit Henry brachte sie dazu, den Flüsterer-Lebensstil zu ärgern, und sie drückte den Wunsch aus, in Hilltop zu bleiben. KG, Kopernikusstr. Politik Storys. Gogol Publishing bietet Lösungen, um Autoren bestmöglich zu unterstützen, Inhalte mit maximaler Reichweite zu publizieren. Alleingänge hatten wir in der Vergangenheit nämlich auch oft und gut gegangen sind sie dabei selten

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Lydia Tribute -- Lovely [TWD] the walking dead lydia Carol vows to kill Alpha, but Lydia points out that it won't save. She just click for source a sorrowful Carl at the guard post. Military Personnel. Club noted Lydia getting to go to the movies as one of the shots that share cinderella deutsch ganzer film 2019 mine the right kind of simultaneous palate cleanser for what came before and preparation for the ending. While initially being fully devoted to the Whisperer way, and just click for source acting as a scared little girl, her time at the Hilltop reawakened memories of serien stream another childhood. Lydia then tells him that he is strong and doesn't belong in Hilltop. The Walking Dead: The Ride. She joins a class of young students trying to learn how to read.

Lydia then says that the hat isn't exactly helping her to feel better, and in fact, it is Carl himself who is making her feel better, and that she enjoys talking to him.

She is then interrogated by Maggie and Jesus afterwards, but refuses to say anything. Later, Carl vouches for her and she is released and left under his watch.

During the tour, they sit alone on a hill overlooking the town, where she tells him that it is cold, and they cuddle.

After a while, she asks to see his eye, and after some resistance, he agrees to let her take off his glasses. Much to his surprise, she tells him that "it is sexy" and suddenly climbs on top of him, asking if he ever had sex.

Speechless, he doesn't know how to react and she just asks him if she can show him, to which he replies "Okay. After they're done, she remarks on how nice it was, comparing it to her past experiences.

Carl is somewhat alarmed to know that on certain occasions she was forced to do it, saying that what her people forced her to do is wrong, whether they see it as a rape or not.

She then tells him she doesn't want to go back. After Lydia's mother, Alpha , and the rest of the Whisperers arrive, Carl argues with Maggie on whether or not to return Lydia to her people, but is shut down, being forced to let Lydia go, but not before kissing him.

Away from the Hilltop, Alpha realizes Carl is following them, and after a brief discussion, he is allowed to travel with them to their camp.

Lydia and Carl, not wearing any skin, are forced to walk in the middle of the group to avoid being detected by true roamers. Later on, she and Carl watch the skinning of a lurker.

Carl's father, Rick , comes to speak with the Whisperers and retrieve Carl. Carl reveals that Alpha lets people rape her daughter and treats her horribly.

Lydia breaks down and Alpha hits her for her show of emotion, which is considered weak. Alpha then disowns Lydia, and secretly tells Rick that he can provide her daughter with safety more than she can, and tells him to take her.

Lydia travels with Rick and Carl back to the communities, a new deal negotiated between the two leaders. While traveling back however the three, and Andrea , Michonne , and Dante discover a series of stakes in the ground, and on them, the decapitated heads of Ezekiel , Rosita Espinosa , Larry , Luke , Ken , Erin , Olivia , Carson , Tammy Rose , Amber , Oscar , and Josh , leading to the group being distraught.

Lydia helps comfort Carl when he is especially saddened to see so many of his friends now dead. Lydia helps the others put down the reanimated heads.

Suddenly, she is attacked by Michonne, demanding to know whether or not she knew about the border.

Lydia threatens her back with a knife, saying she had no knowledge of it. Lydia says the bodies were probably taken for skinning.

Along the way, they run into Gus on patrol, and Andrea lies about Lydia's role, leading her to become suspicious that something is up and escalates the situation, bringing the three of them to gunpoint.

They eventually calm down and holster their guns after Andrea explains their plan to keep her safe. They eventually arrive at the Hilltop, where Carl explains to Eduardo that her presence must not be known.

One night, Andrea almost walks in on Lydia and Carl having sex and, bewildered, doesn't intervene.

Carl awakens one day to find Lydia staring at him. She laments that she wouldn't be there without him. Lydia is present with Carl when he asks Michonne if they can go with her to Alexandria.

Lydia warns Michonne that the Whisperers are definitely going to attack, saying her mother would look weak if she didn't.

She is later seen patrolling with Carl. She tells him that the Whisperers are not going to back down, saying they have nothing to lose.

She then tells him that she isn't in love with him. Furthermore, she says they can still spend time together, but that what they have isn't love.

She leaves a sorrowful Carl at the guard post. Later on, as the Hilltop is attacked, a Whisperer informs her that Alpha is dead and tries to convince her to come back with them, Lydia, however, states that the Hilltop is her home and the time of the Whisperers is over before killing him.

After the battle is over, she is seen feeling guilty over the attack and being a part of the Whisperers previously.

Carl approaches her and comforts her, she tells him that he would hate her if he knew the things she has done, but Carl tells her he and his people have done horrible things to survive as well.

Lydia smiles and hugs him. Lydia is shown to be jealous of Sophia for being so close to Carl and asks him if he loves her.

They get into a brief argument, but finally make up shortly before Carl leaves the Hilltop. After Carl returns from the Commonwealth, Lydia comforts him over the loss of his father Rick.

Eventually, Lydia and Carl drift apart with the latter rekindling his past relationship with Sophia. Despite this, Lydia maintains her friendship with Carl and eventually becomes a courier for the reformed Commonwealth with him.

Upon moving there, she meets and forms a romantic relationship with a man named Conner and soon marries him. Twenty years after Rick's assassination, Lydia meets up with Carl and is surprised to see him already loaded their cart and moving quicker than usual.

Carl informs her of his encounter with a walker from his brother-in-law's traveling show and how he decided to kill the others.

Lydia comforts Carl by saying he did the right thing and they proceed to begin their route. After making a few stops, Carl mentions he wants to visit Springhaven along the way; knowing that is where Negan is residing, Lydia mentions how he has never shown up and is doubtful it will change.

After a few more stops, they notice a flock of birds overhead and take in the sight for a few moments. As they set up camp, Lydia hears Carl mention how she still wears his old hat; she mentions it must be worth a fortune and asks if he wants it back, with Carl refusing.

When Lydia mentions his eye-patch, Carl immediately gets defensive over it. After Lydia reminisces about their past, Carl angrily tells her to stop and reminds her he wears it as to not expose his daughter Andrea to anything from the past.

The next day, the two board a train going to the west and upon reaching Eugene's camp, marvel at the progress made since they last visited.

Upon hearing conflicted accounts about Eugene's health, Lydia asks Carl if he truly is ill, which Carl responds he is unsure. The next day, they ride back to the Commonwealth and before going their separate ways, Carl gives Lydia her cut and thanks her for being his friend.

Alpha attempts to strengthen her daughter by letting her be raped and abusing her. She believes showing emotion is a sign of weakness, and strictly enforces this.

She refuses to allow her daughter to call her any other name but Alpha. However, this may all be a farce, as she requests Rick to take her back to his community and keep her safer than she would be with the Whisperers.

She disowns Lydia, and sends her on her way with Rick and Carl. Lydia does not show a great deal of emotion when she learns of her mother's death.

Maggie had Lydia locked in Hilltop's jail after the Whisperers attacked some members of the community.

Maggie and Jesus tried to get Lydia to tell them about her people, but she refused to talk. After a lot of persuasion from Carl, Maggie let her out of the cell and instructed Carl to watch her.

When Alpha arrives for her daughter, she sends her back unharmed. It can be assumed Maggie has grown to somewhat trust Lydia as she allows her to stay at the Hilltop with Carl after she is disowned by her mother.

Lydia and Carl first met in the Hilltop's jail, bonding with each other during their stay. Eventually, Carl vouches for her and she is released under his watch.

Lydia asks to see his missing eye, and after some reluctance, she is allowed to take off his sunglasses. Much to his surprise, she says it's sexy, and suddenly climbs on top of him, asking whether or not he ever had sex.

Not receiving an answer, she simply asks him if she can show him how, to which he replies "Okay," as they both hold hands on top of Carl's hat.

After sleeping together, Carl and Lydia have a brief heart-to-heart about their time together, where Lydia reveals that while with the Whisperers, her mother let her be raped.

Carl is extremely distraught over this, showing that he deeply cares for her. Over time their relationship continues to develop, with Carl more than once risking his life for her.

He frequently defends her when people want to attack her for being a Whisperer. When questioned about his relationship with Lydia, Carl says she is the only one who sees him as normal, even with his mutilation.

When Lydia's mother, Alpha, demands that the Hilltop residents return her daughter, Carl refuses to part with her.

Eventually he is forced to watch her be taken away, which he is very upset about. After trying to rescue her, Carl is among the group when Lydia's mother disowns her and he comforts her about this.

As the two spend more and more time together, Lydia later tells Carl during the Whisperer War that she isn't in love with him.

She says that they can still spend time together, but what they have isn't love. Despite this, Lydia appears to have grown to truly love Carl over time, as she is noticeably jealous when he spends time with Sophia.

They eventually have a fight over this, but reconcile. After the year timeskip, it's revealed Carl and Lydia eventually broke up and Carl ended up marrying Sophia.

Despite her previous jealousy, Lydia is shown to be supportive of Carl and still remains very close to him.

At one point she playfully teases him for wearing an eyepatch in bed and attempts to talk about their sexual acts they did when they were together, but Carl isn't amused and snaps at her.

However, the next day they once again reconcile and go back to normal. Connie and Henry refuse to leave her behind and run off with her in another direction.

Daryl reluctantly follows them. At dawn, Daryl and Connie devise a plan to use an office building as a means of separating the Whisperers from the undead.

Lydia warns Daryl that Alpha's going to send Beta, who's their best fighter. Inside the office building, Henry gifts Lydia a spear he made and she reminds him she's not willing to kill her own people.

He takes it back and tells her he'll try not to either. Lydia then scolds him for risking his life for her, claiming that what he did made Alpha look weak.

He reminds her he cares about her and they kiss. Daryl interrupts and tells them to keep watch. In the middle of the group is Beta, who quietly instructs his people to spread out as Daryl shoots one of them with his crossbow.

Beta and his people break in and quickly discover a trap meant to separate them from the dead. Meanwhile, Daryl makes Lydia hide in a closet with Dog as the Whisperers creep upstairs.

As the fight rages, a Whisperer attacks Henry and stabs him in the leg. Unable to stand leaving Henry in danger, Lydia breaks down the closet door with a crowbar, releasing Dog to go to Henry's rescue.

With Dog's help, Henry kills the attacking Whisperer and is then tended to by Lydia. Though Henry apologizes for having to kill one of her people, Lydia reassures him that it's alright and continues to tending to Henry's wound as the fight ends.

Afterward, Connie draws the herd away with her slingshot and Daryl tells the others they're headed to Alexandria to get Henry help because it's closer.

However, he doesn't intend to stay as the Whisperers will never stop hunting them and they will instead keep moving on.

Lydia arrives at Alexandria with Daryl, Henry, and Connie. From a guard post, Michonne tells Daryl she's skeptical of Lydia but he assures her she's on their side.

Inside, Lydia watches as Henry gets his leg stitched by one of the town doctors. Later, Lydia sits on a porch when Michonne asks for a moment alone with her and tells her she's done things that she's not proud of.

She suggests that Lydia would make Alexandria a lot safer if she just walked away. The next day, Lydia, Daryl, Henry, and Connie encounter Michonne and Judith in the woods and join them on their way towards the Kingdom.

Lydia and the group arrive at the Kingdom as the fair starts. She watches as Henry reunites and is warmly greeted by his family and how the group treats each other with kindness.

Suddenly, Tara spots her among the group. She then sees as they all sign the charter. In the fair, Lydia walks with Henry and marvels at how everyone is close to each other in the community, when Carol and Ezekiel find them and they are invited to go to the movies at night.

Later, Lydia sits by a table as Henry talks nearby with Addy. Suddenly, Gage and Rodney introduce themselves to her and tell her that Addy has a thing for Henry, making her uncomfortable.

However, she proceeds to throw goat feeces at them as payback. Henry then sits with her and assures her he likes her. They kiss and he leaves to check on the pipes, asking her to save him a seat at the movies.

At night, Lydia waits for Henry to show up when Alpha sits down next to her and quietly tells her not to say anything.

Outside, Alpha confronts her about being a traitor but she tells her this is a better way of life.

She then threatens to scream if she doesn't leave and Alpha disowns her, telling her she was never one of them.

Lydia breaks down in tears as Alpha leaves. After a while, Lydia runs up back to the movie theater and tells Ezekiel that her mother was at the fair and she can't find Henry, leaving him speechless.

He encourages everyone to remember the fallen. Sometime later, Lydia and Daryl return to the border. Lydia leaves the necklace Henry made for her on the ground by the pike that once held his head and as the two walk away, snow flurries begin to fall.

Several months after the fair massacre, Lydia has become a daughter like figure to Daryl, being protected and cared by him. In the Kingdom, as everyone gets ready to leave and move to Hilltop, Lydia is given dinner by Daryl.

On the road, the group spots walkers in a field but keep moving undetected. Suddenly, Alden asks Lydia if they're her people.

Later, after Daryl kills a walker and leaves the group to retrieve his bolt, Lydia wanders alone into the forest. She finds a walker trapped in ice and takes off her glove while crying.

She offers her hand to the walker to kill herself, but stops when Carol appears and follows her back to the group. As more snow starts falling, Michonne decides to take the group to the Sanctuary.

In the Sanctuary, Lydia sits by herself and watches as Daryl walks around. After a while, the group gets ready and leave the Sanctuary.

In the woods, the group passes the pikes into Alpha's territory. Michonne kills frozen walkers, unsure if they're Whisperers or not, before reaching the frozen lake.

Lydia leaves the group and heads again into the forest. Carol tracks her down to a cabin and demands to know what she's doing.

Lydia explains she can't cross the river because going to Hilltop won't fix anything because everyone will still blame her for what happened.

Lydia holds Carol's spear to her own neck and tells her this is how she ensures they don't lose anyone else. Carol considers doing it but stops herself and kills a walker instead.

In the morning, Lydia and the group finally arrive at Hilltop, where Daryl knocks off the head of a frozen walker. That night, Lydia watches in awe at drawings of Glenn and Hershel.

Daryl tells her they'll leave for Alexandria in the morning. She asks why he left Hilltop and he says he'll tell her that story another day.

The next day, Lydia and the others return to Alexandria. She then plays with the group in a snowball fight. Some months after the blizzard, Lydia has been trying to fit in Alexandria and adjust to a new way of life.

She joins a class of young students trying to learn how to read. Gracie is supportive of her, but Lydia is frustrated by her failures, admitting she has never really needed to learn how to read.

When the council enters the meeting room to discuss the threat of the Whisperers having returned, Lydia is sent outside. After being kicked out, Lydia practices with Henry 's old staff which she now owns and has added a nunchuck to.

Negan spots Lydia and deduces what must've happened. He asks her what's wrong and Lydia tells Negan everyone's on alert because they found a skin.

Negan playfully warns her to watch her back. In the past, Lydia and her mother walk among walkers covered in blood when they come upon an injured woman being devoured.

When a walker bumps into her, Lydia drops her earmuffs and screams. They are forced to run and seek shelter inside an abandoned hospital, where they find a man wearing a ski mask.

Alpha explains to the masked man that she and her daughter don't mean harm. He allows them to stay for the night.

Later, Alpha cleans Lydia in a bathtub. Lydia is scared by the sound of walkers but Alpha insists she just listens to it.

They look through supplies and eat. At night, Alpha tries to give Lydia her rabbit toy before sleeping but Lydia doesn't want it anymore.

She tells Alpha that she wants to be like her. Alpha is thrilled by this but tells her to stop calling her mama.

Lydia then wakes up in the middle of the night and smears blood Alpha has collected all over her.

She leaves the room and wanders around the hospital in an effort to make herself braver. After hearing screams, Lydia arrives at another room and stops the man from killing Alpha.

She hugs her mother and she tells her not to leave her side again. Lydia then watches as Alpha lifts the man's mask to look at his face and chuckles, seemingly recognizing him.

Sometime later, they leave the hospital together. Lydia walks the streets of Alexandria over the night and passes by Rosita and Gabriel strolling Coco around.

When she notices Siddiq from afar she smiles at him, but is ignored as Siddiq retreats inside his house.

The following morning, Lydia approaches the training session and is harassed by Gage , Margo , and Alfred before being told to leave.

She visits Negan to inform him his advice to ignore her bullies isn't working and they keep harassing her. Before they can continue talking, Daryl arrives and orders Lydia to leave.

He then catches up to scold her for talking to Negan, when they notice a "Silence the Whispers" message graffitied on their house door.

Later that day, Lydia goes to the dining hall and sits at the table of Gage, Margo, and Alfred. She skins a squirrel in front of them, mocks the shushing motion and smiles as they leave disgusted.

However, Daryl later tells her to not do that again but she defends herself and storms out. That night, Lydia walks around and is ambushed by her bullies.

Margo blames her for putting her friends' heads on spikes but Lydia reminds them she wasn't involved and says she's one of them. They throw Lydia into the ground and start violently punching her.

Suddenly, Negan arrives and in order to protect Lydia, accidentally throws Margo into a wall, killing her.

When Daryl and the other residents arrive to assess the situation, Alfred blames Negan for Margo's death but Lydia screams it wasn't his fault.

Daryl believes her but orders Negan back to his cell. She is then taken to the infirmary to be bandaged by Dante. Later, Daryl checks on her and she claims that her father would've protected her.

Daryl hugs her and she tells him Negan saved her. The following morning, Lydia realizes Negan has escaped his cell and claims she is responsible before heading to his cell to lock herself in.

Daryl rushes over and tells her she didn't leave the house that night. However, Lydia chooses to stay in the cell because she feels safer and laments she couldn't be like him.

Lydia is trying to read a book in her cell when Daryl arrives and signals her to get out while Carol escorts a captured Whisperer inside.

She is then questioned by Carol about their prisoner and she reveals he is one of the Whisperers in charge of herding the walkers. Lydia then sees as Gabriel berates Carol for her actions.

As he leaves, Carol tells Lydia she can stay in her house in the meantime. She then heads to the balcony. While watching the community, Carol offers Lydia ointment for her scars but she says she has had worse injuries before.

When Carol replies that she has sustained worse injuries as well, Lydia is left thinking about her past.

She then reveals that the captured Whisperer won't betray Alpha because he is loyal, but if they show him that a place like Alexandria can survive, there's nothing Alpha can do to stop the idea from spreading among the group.

Later that day, Lydia is brought by Carol to the cell so the Whisperer can realize that she is alive but they are forced to leave by Daryl after he dies from poisoning.

Carol then asks Lydia for her help in something and they ride off of Alexandria towards the woods. That night, they arrive at one of the borders on a bridge where Gamma is holding Aaron at knifepoint.

When a shocked Gamma flees, Lydia realizes Carol used her for her own purposes. Carol tries to explain to Lydia that Alpha lied to the Whisperers about killing her but Lydia compares her to Alpha.

She then says she chooses her own side and hits Carol with her staff before crossing into the border as well. Over the next two days alone in the woods, Lydia rethinks her actions and chooses to rejoin the communities since, despite their flaws, they are the closest chance of her having a normal life.

During her travels, she passes by an abandoned gas station and finds Alpha and Daryl lying injured and bloody inside the workshop.

Lydia decides to save Daryl over her own mother and picks up his crossbow before walking towards a dizzy Alpha.

When Alpha briefly wakes up and sees Lydia, she wonders if she's real and starts to sing a lullaby while placing her daughter's hands on the knife above her heart, saying she's ready to lead the Whisperers after her death.

Lydia tearfully declines to kill her mother and says she blames her for not letting her live a normal life like she always wanted.

Before leaving her agonizing mother behind, Lydia carves the words "Your way is not the only way" into a bench and carries Daryl away.

During the rest of the night, she tends to his wounds and watches over him while deciding what to do. When Daryl awakens the next morning and asks about Alpha, Lydia responds that she couldn't bring herself to kill her mother.

Lydia and Daryl arrive at the Hilltop. The pair reveal that Alpha is coming. Daryl and Lydia joins the discussion about what should be done.

Lydia thinks they should run, explaining that even if the explosion at the cave took out half the horde, Alpha would still have thousands of walkers left.

Earl is skeptical, however, and reckons that they will never find a place as good as Hilltop. After lighting a cigarette, Carol says that Lydia should hate her, to which the latter replies that it's hard for her to do so, since Carol already seems to hate herself so much.

Carol vows to kill Alpha, but Lydia points out that it won't save them. Carol replies that it will feel good, and asks if Lydia will hate her then.

Lydia coldly states that she wont be thinking about Carol at all. Carol chuckles and thanks her for telling the truth.

Lydia observes that people don't know how to do that anymore, so they simply stay away from both of them. Carol mournfully says that she had a life, to which Lydia simply replies "I know".

As everyone is gathered on the front lines, including Lydia. Daryl walks out to join the army. They are standing at the gate with their shields.

Daryl takes the lead. Kelly confirms that the horde is close. Indeed, the horde soon emerges from the bushes and approaches the Hilltop.

While they are momentarily halted by the electric fence, the walkers soon break through it and approach the second line of defense.

Aaron orders the survivors to split ranks. The shield-wielding survivors reinforce the makeshift barbed wire fence, while the melee weapon-wielding survivors start taking out the walkers.

The archers, meanwhile, stay in the back and rain arrows on the herd. Behind the herd, Beta commands the Whisperers to launch the sap they collected earlier using makeshift catapults into the front lines, drenching most of the defenders as well as the Hilltop's walls.

This is followed by the Whisperers launching fire-arrows into the front lines, setting one unfortunate Hilltop resident ablaze.

With no choice, Daryl tells the defenders to begin to retreat towards the Hilltop, but are trapped when the Whisperers launch another volley of fire-arrows into the Hilltop's walls, setting the community ablaze.

Lydia participates in the battle to protect Hilltop , killing invading walkers using her staff. Mary tries to convince Lydia to flee, knowing that Alpha still wants her, but Lydia refuses, stating that she will never walk with the Whisperers again.

She resumes fighting. Like the other survivors of the battle, Lydia ultimately flees, but is left with an injured leg and uses her staff as a walking stick.

Wandering through the nearby forest, Lydia encounters Negan and is initially pleased to see her friend.

However, she quickly realizes that he is working for Alpha and becomes alarmed. Negan easily overpowers and disarms Lydia, taking her captive.

Negan subsequently leads Alpha to a shed where Lydia is located, Alpha intending to kill her daughter so that Lydia will reanimate and remain by her side as part of the horde, refusing to be dissuaded by Negan.

As Alpha approaches the shed, a frightened Lydia manages to free herself and opens the door to an empty field. Meanwhile, Alpha finds the shed Negan took her to empty.

It's revealed that Negan used Lydia to bait a trap to lure out and kill Alpha, which he does moments after she discovers his deception.

Negan returns to where he stashed Lydia, only to find her gone. Having been informed of what Negan did by Lydia, Daryl is waiting to ambush Negan who insists that he never intended Lydia any harm, keeping her safely out of harm's way while using her as bait to lure out Alpha and kill her.

When asked, Lydia denies that she misses her mother, and tells Judith that not everyone gets to have a mom like hers. Lydia, however, claims she isn't hungry.

Negan asks if she is avoiding him, and Lydia bluntly confirms. Negan is taken aback by her honesty, to which Lydia bitterly asks if he wants her to lie to make him feel better.

Negan denies this, and goes on to state that he liked her mother despite her inexcusable crimes, wishing that he didn't have to kill her.

Still, he encourages Lydia to say whatever she has to say to him. Lydia coldly replies that most of them wish that Negan had died as well, before taking her leave.

Lydia later angrily approaches Negan and declares that he can't tell her what to do. Negan calmly acknowledges this, and invites Lydia to hit him, as it will make her feel better.

Lydia claims that she feels fine, but Negan is adamant that she has to mourn her mother, or it will continue to eat her up on the inside.

Despite everything, Negan claims, Alpha was still her mother, and if she doesn't let it all out, she will drift further away from the other survivors, which Negan is certain Lydia don't wants.

Lydia rhetorically asks what Negan knows about what she wants, and calls him a selfish asshole, believing he only killed Alpha so that people believe that he's a hero, but the people will never see him as such, since he only cares about himself.

Lydia believes that him trying to get her to open up is also for selfish reasons, and wonders how he could have ever liked her mother.

She is adamant that she hated her mother, or wants to hate her in any case, and yells at Negan for saying she can't even do that.

Despite this, Negan tells her it's okay, prompting Lydia to break down in anger and tears as Negan embraces her. Lydia is Alpha's daughter.

Despite this, Alpha is abusive, manipulative, and sociopathic towards her. Alpha frequently brainwashed Lydia into believing that her father was an abusive man while she was the kind parent.

It's also implied that Alpha would disregard her daughter if she is killed or captured. However, Alpha still showed concern for Lydia as she hoped to escape from the shelter with her rather than stay behind or escape with Frank, and the fact that she came to Hilltop demanding her Lydia's return.

Lydia seems to fear Alpha. After realizing that she was brainwashed by her, she came to her senses and decided to remain at the Hilltop due to the PTSD caused by the years of her mother's abuse.

She decides to go back to her mother so the Hilltop people wouldn't be hurt. Alpha continues to abuse and treat her coldly after retrieving her.

After Daryl and Connie rescue Henry and Lydia from the Whisperer camp and return to Hilltop, she becomes completely loyal to her new comrades.

This devastates Alpha, and their relationship crumbles from then on. In the episode " Stalker " where Lydia comes upon her mother, she wants Lydia to kill her and take over the Whisperers.

She refuses and states that Alpha's way isn't the only way. She later admitted to Daryl that she couldn't kill her mother.

Frank loved Lydia, as she was his daughter. He would take it upon himself to protect her from his abusive wife and the hardship of the early outbreak.

He would sing to her to comfort her. Lydia would later forget this due to the lies of her mother. Henry and Lydia became quick friends.

While they were locked in cells, she opened up to him about her past. They eventually develop romantic feelings towards each other.

Lydia and Henry kiss before she is forced to go back to her mother. When Henry follows her to their camp she punches him, but this may be just to show her mother that she didn't care about him.

However, when Alpha forces her with a choice to kill Henry or be killed alongside him, she starts to cry.

Daryl rescues her and Henry before she reaches a decision. Later, Lydia asks Henry for the real reason why he came after her.

He replies that cares about her. Lydia kisses him again. Eventually, Lydia chooses to be with Henry over her own people.

When Henry is attacked by a Whisperer and injured, Lydia releases Dog to save him and tends to Henry's injuries.

Although Henry had promised Lydia to try not to kill any of her people, she reassures him over his actions rather than being angry with Henry.

Lydia and Henry declare their feelings for each other at the fair, sealing the deal with a kiss, establishing their relationship.

Sadly, this would be the last time that she'd see Henry alive. Her mother kidnapped and murdered Henry.

Lydia is devastated by her boyfriend's death and she stops by the pike where his head rested with the rest of the victims.

She laid the H necklace that he gave her by his pike, paying her respects to the boy who died saving her. Months after Henry's death, Lydia is shown to have armed herself with Henry's staff which she has added a nunchuck to for added stopping power.

In " Silence the Whisperers ", Lydia admits that she loved Henry. Daryl first sees Lydia as a threat and tries to get information out of her.

Daryl later feels sympathetic for her after learning of her abusive mother and upbringing. It is implied Daryl cares for Lydia shown by him not wanting to give her back to Alpha, although he unwillingly does so to save Luke and Alden's life.

Daryl is later reluctant to take Lydia with his friends as he knows the danger she will put them in, but he leaves Dog to protect her when he, Henry and Connie fight the Whisperers.

After the fight, Daryl, possibly because he knows how much Henry cares for her, decides to let Lydia stay with them.

Months after his death. Daryl takes her to the border where Henry's head used to be to pay her respects.

The Walking Dead Lydia The Walking Dead: Lydia enthüllt schreckliche Wahrheit über Whisperers

Februar um Kategorien :. Inhaltsverzeichnis [ Anzeigen ]. Anfangs befand Lydia sich mit ihrer - auch in dieser Source - Mutter und ihrem Vater Frank Steve Kazee in der Gegend rund um Baltimore und ist rund fünf oder sechs Jahre alt, als die Untoten auftauchen. Dafür schreckte sie auch nicht zurück, ihren Vater aus dem Weg zu schaffen. Die Überlebende wird in Gewahrsam bladedance elementalers und in Hilltop ins Gefängnis gesteckt. Beim Versuch, ihr Wasser aus der Kelle zu geben, damit sie das Mittel please click for source kann, wird sie aber übergriffig und Daryl sieht allerhand Narben am Arm, was ihn wohl an seine eigene Vergangenheit und Misshandlungen durch seine Familie erinnert. Aktuelle Serien-News. Https:// Du hast noch kein Benutzerkonto? Euch dadurch keine zusätzlichen Kosten. Deine E-Mail-Adresse wird nicht veröffentlicht. Gogol Publishing bietet Lösungen, um Autoren bestmöglich zu unterstützen, Inhalte mit maximaler Reichweite zu publizieren. Später in dieser Nacht; der Gruppe war nicht bekannt, dass der Virus die Lebewesen infiziert hat, der untote Matias verwandelt sich und greift die Gruppe an. Sie spricht auch direkt meine Gedanken in der Situation aus: Sprecht doch einfach miteinander, dann findet sicherlich auch eine Lösung, denn auch Tara will keine weiteren Toten. Als Lydia eines Tages von Daryl gefangen genommen wird, ahnt niemand, dass schon bald ein neuer Kampf entfacht. Daher schlug sie ihr Kind, wenn es learn more here gehorsam war. Sie ist tief traumatisiert und bekommt nicht alle Details zusammen. Während eines Angriffs auf die Überlebenden wird Lydia gefangen genommen und nach Hilltop als Geisel genommen, um Informationen zu erhalten.

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The Walking Dead 10x15 "Negan hugs Lydia" Season 10 Episode 15 [HD] "The Tower"

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