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Weil sich die weltweiten Ressourcen in der Zukunft verringern werden, führt ein Forschungsteam ein Experiment für die Entwicklung der Menschheit im All durch. In einer militärischen Geheimbasis wird der Körper des Air-Force-Piloten Rick so. Titan – Evolve or Die ist ein US-amerikanischer Science-Fiction-Film aus dem Jahr von Lennart Ruff mit Sam Worthington, Taylor Schilling und Tom. Titan - Evolve or die ein Film von Lennart Ruff mit Sam Worthington, Taylor Schilling. Inhaltsangabe: In naher Zukunft blutet die Erde langsam aus. Es gibt nicht. Entdecke die Filmstarts Kritik zu "Titan - Evolve or die" von Lennart Ruff: Wenn Atmosphäre und trägt dazu bei, dass der Film über lange Zeit eine suggestive. Für Sam Worthington war Titan der dritte Filmdreh, den er auf Gran Canaria absolvierte. Die anderen zwei waren Kampf der Titanen () und Zorn der.

the titan film

Titan - Evolve or die Film - Kritik „Titan - Evolve or Die“ möchte gerne ein Sci-Fi-Beitrag sein, der sich brisanten Fragen rund um Evolution, Wissenschaft. Für Sam Worthington war Titan der dritte Filmdreh, den er auf Gran Canaria absolvierte. Die anderen zwei waren Kampf der Titanen () und Zorn der. „The Titan“ handelt von dem Air-Force-Piloten Rick Janssen, dessen Körper bei einem Militärexperiment so widerstandsfähig gemacht wird.

They wanted to drop the "cheesy chessboard manipulation of characters" by the gods. The Earth Goddess and Perseus proceed to fall in love.

Zeus prepared to engage in war with Tiamat; taking the aids of other gods such as Thoth , Marduk , Yahweh and Osiris.

Andromeda was originally a promiscuous spoiled Princess who possessed various male sex slaves.

Though the mixing of Mythologies and the Perseus-Earth Goddess romance was abandoned, the concept of a Goddess enraged at arrogant humans and demanding a sacrifice and the Cult of the Evil God Changed from Tiamat to Hades was retained into the final production.

Kasdan gave the script another rewrite from the Beacham version. Leterrier, who did, contacted Norrington through their shared agent about replacing him.

Writers Phil Hay and Matt Manfredi took over the script during July and used Beacham's draft as a starting point.

They focused on the mythology and telling the story through Leterrier's eyes. Hay and Manfredi had to rewrite the script in less than a year using a very active process.

Louis Leterrier, during an interview, revealed that he is a big fan of Masami Kurumada 's Saint Seiya manga also known as Knights of the Zodiac and its anime adaptation.

He specifically cited the armor that the Gods wear in his film remake as a sign of homage and respect to Saint Seiya.

Masami Kurumada, the author of Saint Seiya , was even asked to collaborate with the production team on poster designs.

Sam Worthington took the role of Perseus because he wanted to make a Clash of the Titans for his nine-year-old nephew's generation.

During filming the cast had a few laughs about the costumes, but he took it very seriously "so the audience doesn't have to.

According to actress Emma Thompson in a interview on The Graham Norton Show sitting alongside with Luke Evans , Hugh Grant and Lenny Kravitz , she almost made an accidental uncredited cameo in the movie while visiting her friend Liam Neeson on the set.

Unable to exit the set fast enough as the cameras began to roll, Thompson, in her clumsy Nanny McPhee costume, had to hide behind Huston's throne during the take so she would not be picked up by the cameras.

For the 2D to 3D conversion, Leterrier approached the studio early on about a 3D conversion, but it was expensive and very new technology.

He was worried because of his previous concerns but was convinced after seeing the View-D conversion process. It was famously rushed and famously horrible.

It was absolutely horrible, the 3D. Nothing was working, it was just a gimmick to steal money from the audience.

Aerial photography was conducted in Iceland and Ethiopia. Bubo, Athena's mechanical owl in the original film, makes a cameo appearance in this remake and its sequel.

Clash of the Titans was originally set for standard release on March 26, Clash of the Titans has received generally negative reviews from critics, who criticized the film for its use of 3D, flat characters, and divergences from the original film and the myth.

The website's critical consensus states, "An obviously affectionate remake of the original, Louis Leterrier's Clash of the Titans doesn't offer enough visual thrills to offset the deficiencies of its script.

In his review for the Chicago Sun-Times , Roger Ebert gave the film 3 stars out of 4, stating "I don't say it's good cinema, although I recognize the craftsmanship that went into it.

I don't say it's good acting, when the men have so much facial hair they all look like Liam Neeson.

I like the energy, the imagination, the silliness". It has the flavor of a certain pre-CGI innocence. Peter Travers of Rolling Stone awarded the film 1 star out of four, stating "The film is a sham, with good actors going for the paycheck and using beards and heavy makeup to hide their shame.

Justification for her opinion came from the frantic action sequences and muddled special effects. Kois also accused Leterrier of not knowing how to direct an action scene, and that the film is lacking in "wit and flair".

On the all-time worldwide chart it ranks 80th and in North America it is below Namco Bandai Games. Interactive Entertainment released a video game adaptation of the movie on July 27, , on PlayStation 3 and Xbox with the film's home video release.

It was originally planned to come out in March , though the game was delayed due to difficulties. In November , Warner Bros. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Clash of the Titans Theatrical release poster. Vincent Tabaillon Martin Walsh. Main article: Clash of the Titans soundtrack. Main article: Clash of the Titans video game.

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Nathalie Emmanuel. May 23, Full Review…. October 24, Rating: 4. November 8, Full Review…. June 29, Full Review…. View All Critic Reviews Apr 26, Not horrible for a b film.

The special effects are decent. The science at the center of the premise is super shaky and hard to swallow.

The writing is bad, with some ultra cheesy moments. The politicking is lame. All that said, it keeps you entertained, even as the film focus changes from the training and "artificial evolution" Rick to more of a psychological study Abigail.

Ed K Super Reviewer. Apr 07, Although begun with an interesting premise, that of engineering the species for life off-Earth, the follow-through is lethargic and uninspired.

Tom Wilkinson does well as the scientist behind the idea, but he's done this kind of thing before and better, and there's just not enough going here to justify your time.

Kevin M. W Super Reviewer. Apr 02, The film has been done before, maybe not in the same storyline but definitely as a creator defending his own creation.

The filmmakers might have been better off focusing on the darker elements of the testing as they only have Worthington as the main focus.

The script is quite weak and when the inevitable occurs, predictably of course, you just never click with anything that happens after that.

I thought this might be a good sci fi film but Netflix has put their brand behind another subpar film that would've been ignored at the cinemas.

Poor filmmaking can't resurrect a dire project, the cast was better served not signing on in the first place. Brendan N Super Reviewer.

Mar 31, Ironically enough, I chose to watch a movie about forced evolution on Good Friday. Naturally, being an atheist, I believe in evolution over creationism and feel that the latter should be kept as far away from science classes as humanly possible.

Honestly, though, I don't choose to watch this movie consciously know that it was Good Friday, I just wanted to see it, even though I knew it probably wouldn't have amounted to much.

Another thing, though, before we get to the review. Will you look at the fucking poster for this movie???

It's on Letterboxd and RottenTomatoes. Holy fuck, look at that thing. Not only is it not faithful to what Rick ends up looking like in the movie, but it looks like it was done in a span of two hours by someone who clearly sucks at Photoshop.

Look, guys, I understand that you can't judge a book by its cover. I'm sure there's been plenty of shitty posters for great movies.

But if people see that poster without knowing anything else about the movie, they'll just be like 'ok, looks shit, let's watch something else'.

Of course, it doesn't help matters when the movie under the poster is not particularly good either, but I'm sure Netflix could have sprung a few bucks for a better poster.

Then again, Netflix bought this movie after it was already done, so they may have had some posters drawn up already.

Moving on, however. Conceptually speaking, I do like the idea they're trying to get across here. Earth is fucked, half of us will die of starvation within 15 years of this film's events and, there will come a point, where earth is simply uninhabitable anymore.

That's where Saturn's moon, Titan, comes in. Basically, these soldiers from various countries are chosen for these experiments to create a human being that will be able to survive Titan's harsh conditions.

They do this through forced evolution, accelerating a process that would, left to its own devices, take millions of years and narrowing that down, seemingly, to a period of months.

The movie never gives any indication as to how much time has passed since the experiments start and the end of the movie. So who knows how much fucking time has passed?

I will say that parts of the movie reminded me of Splice, in that the injections that they've been given had some enzymes in it that could alter human DNA to that of, say, an animal.

Of course, this movie is never as good as Splice, nor is there a sex scene with the scientist and its creation.

Naturally speaking, after taking the injections, Rick, and his colleagues, start suffering side effects. Rick's skin starts shedding, he is able to breathe underwater for close to an hour, he's an insanely fast swimmer.

There's also some negative side effects, like he starts throwing up, he goes blind after one eye operation and acting completely unlike himself.

The side effects do start to pile up one on top of the other and Abi, Rick's wife, a doctor herself, takes matters into her own hands and tries to find out what's going and what Collingwood the head of the experiment is hiding.

And, perhaps, this is the movie's biggest problem. Well, I mean, other than undercooked characters and uninteresting execution of its concept.

Basically, you don't know whose story this is supposed to be. You get the idea that the movie started out as being about Rick and the changes he went through as a result of this experiment.

But then, about halfway through the movie, they come to the realization that Sam Worthington really isn't a very good actor and he cannot properly sell the effects this change is having on him.

Surprise surprise, Taylor Schilling, who plays his wife, is a vastly superior actress and she can do a good job at selling the consternation she feels at her husband's rapidly deteriorating, if you can call it that, health as a result of these experiments.

So then the film shifts to her as its main focus and getting to the bottom of Collingwood's ethically unacceptable experiments and the secrecy surrounding them.

Is the movie better when it shifts to Abi? I don't know, I felt they did a better job with Abi's dedication to her husband than they did with Rick's transformation into So I guess you could say I thought it was better.

I still felt the characters and the story was undercooked in that they really do rush through a lot of interesting ideas in order to get you to Rick's transformation faster.

The movie's main theme eventually boils down to an oversimplification of how you shouldn't play god. We've seen this before and we've seen it done much better, so they had to bring something more to the table, except that they were not intellectually equipped to do so.

Moving forward from Abi's perspective, the movie doesn't really have any surprises. Collingwood's experiment succeeds, but at the cost of the life of every participant in it that's not named Rick.

Other people not going through the experiment die as well, but they're not really that important. If you're gonna choose to perform an experiment of this sort, why wouldn't you pick soldiers without families?

Especially when you don't know the side effects of the experiment itself. It's a bit silly to bring families into this given the unknown aspect of the results themselves.

And, another thing, Collingwood's entire goal is to create a new breed super-human like Rick and Tally ended up being , except the fact is that this new breed of human dies almost as quickly, if not more so, than regular humans.

Great experimentation there bro. And another thing, so your experiment succeeds, so what? What does that do??? You can send Rick to Titan, yippee!!!

How the fuck does that help the rest of humanity??? You can make the argument that Rick's altered DNA serves as a template to apply to everyone else so they can live on Titan.

You can speculate based on the planet's condition, but you can't confirm or deny it based on ONE successful test subject.

And that's not to mention how long it's gonna fucking take to make sure everyone in the world is injected with this to ensure their survival on Titan.

It's gonna take much longer than the supposed time Earth has left. But you're not supposed to think about that.

Is Rick also meant to start colonizing Titan or what? There's too many questions that the movie sets up without bothering to answer any of them.

This is just a mess. Not a terrible movie, by any means, but just one that's undercooked and uninteresting on every level.

Netflix's batting average with original movies is not nearly as strong as their average with original series. I'm sure Annihilation is still in theaters.

I bet that is superior to this in every way. Jesse O Super Reviewer. See all Audience reviews. There are no approved quotes yet for this movie.

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Rick Janssen mit Injektionen, Genverbesserungen und Operationen zur nächsten Stufe der Evolution zu verhelfen, jede Menge Spannung und Dramatik wenn auch sehr beliebig. Naomi Battrick. Blade Runner Produktionsland USA. Home Filme Titan. Das könnte dich auch interessieren. Melde dich an, um einen Kommentar zu schreiben. Rick wird einer link ersten Übermenschen. Taylor Schilling. Anmelden via Facebook. Sprachen Englisch. Abigail ist entsetzt, als der deutlich verwandelte Rick die Fähigkeit zum Sprechen verliert und jetzt mit einer niedrigen Read article kommuniziert, die von normalen menschlichen Ohren nicht erkannt werden kann. Dies wirkt sich auch massiv auf den Hollywood inn aus, der nur selten einheitlich und durchgehend spannend wirkt. So who knows how much fucking has passed? Spectral It was released for some countries by Netflix on March 30, Wachtwoord vergeten. In zijn totaliteit levert dat een gemiddelde film op. Add first question. Continue reading Zane has go here mental breakdown and hits his wife, Rayenne. Chicago Tribune. the titan film

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User folgen Lies die 7 Kritiken. Aktuelle News zu weiteren Filmen. Man hat keinen Supermenschen geschaffen, sondern ein Supertier oder besser noch Superbiest. Home Filme Titan.

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The Titan - Trailer Italiano ufficiale HD - Netflix „The Titan“ handelt von dem Air-Force-Piloten Rick Janssen, dessen Körper bei einem Militärexperiment so widerstandsfähig gemacht wird. In einer nahen Zukunft steht die Erde kurz davor, für die Menschen unbewohnbar zu werden. Mit Titan, dem größten Mond des Saturns, scheinen Forscher eine. Titan - Evolve or die Film - Kritik „Titan - Evolve or Die“ möchte gerne ein Sci-Fi-Beitrag sein, der sich brisanten Fragen rund um Evolution, Wissenschaft. the titan film Trending: Meist diskutierte Read more. Lennart Ruff. Budget. Aber wie sieht die Energiezufuhr aus? Tally tötet ihren Mann und geht zu Rick nach Hause. Titan - Evolve or die. Https:// Runner prime gerГ¤te amazon Die Auserwählten im Https:// Er merkt, dass er ein Monster geworden ist. Möchtest Du weitere Kritiken ansehen? Verfügbar auf. Interessanter Ansatz, aber in keinem Fall mehr als 5 Minuten durchdacht. Ja, super Effekte. Freya fliehen, einer Assistentin von Collingwood, die mit seinen Https:// nicht einverstanden ist. Februarabgerufen am Agyness Deyn.

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