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Desperate Housewives Schauspieler „Desperate Housewives“:Die Stars heute

Die vier Freundinnen Bree, Susan, Lynette und Gabrielle durchleben neben ihrem Alltag als Hausfrau auch zahlreiche dramatische Momente. Sie verbreiten Gerüchte, spinnen Intrigen und hüten ihre eigenen dunklen Geheimnisse. Schauspieler, Rollenname, Hauptrolle (Folge), Nebenrolle (Folge), Gastrolle (​Folge), Synchronsprecher. Teri Hatcher, Susan. Desperate Housewives Schauspieler, Cast & Crew. Liste der Besetung: Teri Hatcher, Felicity Huffman, Marcia Cross u.v.m. Finde alle Informationen zur Besetzung das Staffel 1 von Desperate Housewives: Schauspieler, Regisseur und Drehbuchautoren. Finde alle Informationen zur Besetzung das Staffel 6 von Desperate Housewives: Schauspieler, Regisseur und Drehbuchautoren.

desperate housewives schauspieler

Hat Dir "Desperate Housewives: Die Schauspieler" gefallen? Dann schreib uns einen Kommentar oder teile unseren Artikel. Wir freuen uns auf deine Meinung. Seit seiner Zeit bei „Desperate Housewives“ wurde es still um Zane Huett. Der Schauspieler hatte noch einen Auftritt in dem Film „Rock the. Schauspieler, Rollenname, Hauptrolle (Folge), Nebenrolle (Folge), Gastrolle (​Folge), Synchronsprecher. Teri Hatcher, Susan. Die Darsteller von "Desperate Housewives" bei ihrem Debüt und heute. Eva Longoria, verrate uns Dein Geheimnis!!! Jennifer Padjemi. by Jennifer Padjemi. Darsteller. Doug Savant – Bild: ABC Studios Lizenzbild frei. Doug Savant: Tom Scavo. ( Folgen, –) · Eva Longoria. Hat Dir "Desperate Housewives: Die Schauspieler" gefallen? Dann schreib uns einen Kommentar oder teile unseren Artikel. Wir freuen uns auf deine Meinung. Desperate Housewives“ zählt zu den beliebtesten Serien der letzten Jahre. Wir zeigen euch, was die Stars nach dem Serien-Aus machen. Seit seiner Zeit bei „Desperate Housewives“ wurde es still um Zane Huett. Der Schauspieler hatte noch einen Auftritt in dem Film „Rock the.

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Top 10 Shocking Desperate Housewives Moments

The actress posted a tribute to the show on her social media last year, along with personalised messages to each of her former co-stars. If you've got a celebrity story, video or pictures get in touch with the Metro.

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Share this article via comment Share this article via facebook Share this article via twitter. The season saw new lows for the series reaching for the first time below 10 million viewers, and saw lows of 2.

For the first half of the season, ratings started strong averaging However, ratings declined in the second half of the season, after two contiguous episodes had to compete against the 68th Golden Globe Awards and then the 53rd Annual Grammy Awards.

The show failed to recover to viewer levels hit in the first half of the season, and continued to receive 9—10 million viewers and 2.

This was the first time in its history that Desperate Housewives would not place in the twenty most watched shows of the season, although it would place in the twenty most-watched scripted shows.

The eighth season continued to see declines in the series' ratings. The season premiered to 9.

The season began with ratings similar to those of the latter half of season 7, averaging 8—9 million viewers, and between a 2.

However, after the mid-season finale the ratings returned lower, hitting the seven million viewer mark and a 2. The season also saw the lowest ratings in the show's eight-year run.

Opposite the 54th Annual Grammy Awards , which featured a tribute to the then-recently deceased entertainer Whitney Houston , and the mid-season premiere of The Walking Dead on AMC , the show fell to a 1.

Despite the series lows, the season finale was able to go out on a season high in the ratings and the highest rated episode in over a year and a half, since March with " Searching ".

The series finale titled " Finishing the Hat " aired May 13, was viewed by However, the show dropped out of the top thirty most-watched shows in total viewers, coming in at thirty-fifth place.

According to a survey of twenty countries conducted in by Informa Telecoms and Media , Desperate Housewives was the third-most-watched television series in the world, after fellow American series CSI: Miami and Lost.

In its first public release of online individual television program rankings, Nielsen Media Research announced that the series had , unique online viewers in December In fall , North Korea allegedly executed eighty people for watching banned South Korean soap operas, Desperate Housewives being the most common soap opera.

Desperate Housewives was being secretly watched using mp3 players , hard drives , and DVDs. The nominations of all of the leading actresses except Eva Longoria for both the Golden Globe Award and Primetime Emmy Award received some media interest.

While Longoria seemingly wasn't bothered, stating for the press that "I'm new. I just arrived. I didn't expect at all to be in the minds of the Academy", Marc Cherry regarded them being left out as a "horrendous error".

In , the show continued to receive several nominations. Primetime Emmy Award nominations at the 58th Primetime Emmy Awards included, among others, guest actress Shirley Knight and supporting actress Alfre Woodard , although none of them resulted in a win.

Joosten won the show's seventh Primetime Emmy Award and first since its debut year. Nominations continued to decline in later years.

Notable nominations included nods towards Beau Bridges and Kathryn Joosten in and , respectively. Additionally, Brenda Strong received her first Primetime Emmy Award nomination for Outstanding Voice-Over Performance at the 63rd Primetime Emmy Awards in , a notable feat for a category usually dominated by animated series.

Also in , Vanessa L. There have only been DVD releases of the show. No HD or Blu-ray version has been released on disc as of Buena Vista Games released the life simulation computer video game Desperate Housewives: The Game on October 5, in North America, featuring an original storyline spanning 12 episodes.

A couple of months later, Gameloft released a mobile game based on the series. Play as new neighbor on Wisteria Lane.

In September , Hollywood Records released a soundtrack album distributed by Universal Music Group , Music from and Inspired by Desperate Housewives , featuring music inspired by the series, as well as sound clips taken from the first season of the series.

The songs included have been described as promoting " girl power ", and among the artists appearing—all being female—were LeAnn Rimes , Gloria Estefan and Shania Twain.

Two books have been officially released within the Desperate Housewives franchise. Four unauthorized books written from different points of view were released in In conjunction with season six, Marc Cherry was commissioned to write eight "mini-episodes" entitled Another Desperate Housewife.

The episodes were written after the previous season's extensive product placement proved unpopular with the fans. The mini-episodes were written to advertise mobile phone company Sprint and involve just three characters.

The third character, Elsa, was Stephanie's friend. It is eventually revealed that Lance and Elsa have been having an affair. Stephanie finds out and tells Lance to break it off.

Elsa suggests killing Stephanie, but Lance gets a text message indicating he's seeing another woman and a furious Elsa shoots him.

In truth, Stephanie had sent the message herself. The final mini-episode has Elsa being arrested and Stephanie attracted to a handsome policeman at the scene.

Each episode ends with a Mary Alice-like narration saying things such as "This is suspicion on the Now Network" or "This is betrayal on the Now Network.

It was presented and sponsored by Sprint , and it was hosted by series creator, Marc Cherry. On February 26, , The Walt Disney Company announced that four South American versions of the show were about to begin production: one for Argentina, one for Colombia, one for Ecuador and one for Brazil.

The Argentine version, titled Amas de Casa Desesperadas , began being broadcast in The first year proved successful enough for a second season to begin production.

Just as the two previous Spanish versions, it was titled Amas de Casa Desesperadas , and the production began in July However, it aired its only season during Desperate Housewives.

Marc Cherry See full list. Devious Maids List of adaptations. See also: Wisteria Lane and Colonial Street. See also: List of Desperate Housewives episodes.

Main article: List of awards and nominations received by Desperate Housewives. Main article: List of Desperate Housewives home video releases.

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June 1, October 5, Retrieved June 8, Bree's success leaves Orson feeling unappreciated and ignored, making him become somewhat cold and changes his relationship with his wife dramatically.

Orson is angry with Bree for using "Van de Kamp" in the title of her cookbook. Bree tries mollifying him by promising him a pot roast and Orson forces Bree not to, despite her returning home after midnight.

Orson's criminal record makes it almost impossible to find a job so he asks Bree for one but she refuses because her business partner, Katherine Mayfair , threatens to quit if Orson is given a job.

Orson becomes upset and goes to sleep in the guest bedroom. Bree eventually relents and gives Orson a job. Orson joins Tom Scavo's band and plays the keyboards until a fire breaks out at the White Horse Club and ends up with a broken nose.

He later tells a therapist that it makes him happy because it is something Bree cannot control. While trying to steal from a neighbour, he is caught and hit around the head with a baseball bat.

He runs out into the street, causing Edie to crash her car and die. Horrified, Bree decides to divorce Orson and robs the house, attempting to hide assets but Orson finds out.

He threatens her with sending her to prison for insurance fraud if she goes ahead with the divorce. Later, Orson is assaulted and threatened by a man hired by Karl Mayer , upsetting Bree as she did not want him harmed.

Bree confronts Karl and accuses him of turning her into a different person but Karl admits that he likes what Bree is becoming, so she fires him and they begin an affair.

Bree is initially reluctant, but a passionate kiss reveals that, like Karl, Bree is enjoying the person she has become, too. The season concludes at Mike Delfino's wedding two months later.

Bree is seen sitting in the congregation with Orson, but turns and smiles seductively at Karl, insinuating that the two are secretly having an affair.

Having blackmailed Bree by threatening to report her insurance fraud, Orson tries to repair their marriage by suggesting marriage counselling.

Bree insists that she wants a divorce and begins an affair with Karl. Orson, however, is clueless. When Orson and Bree attend the Harvest dance together, they bump into Karl Mayer and his date, Orson is convinced that Bree still loves him when she spills oil on the dance floor, so Candice and Orson, who are dancing , fall over.

Whilst Orson believes this is jealousy of him dancing with Candice, Bree is, in fact, jealous of Karl sleeping with Candice. Relations seem to have thawed slightly between Orson and Bree when he serves her a meal at home and she tells him that someone in the service industry was rude to her, claiming it was a waitress in a cafe when it was actually a maid in a motel she visited with Karl.

When Bree meets the maid again, the maid tries convincing her to end the affair as Orson seems like a good man, doing the shopping for Bree.

It is clear Bree feels guilty and is upset when she sees Orson's hopeful expression at home wanting him to snap out of it and wants to tell him that she's not worth it anymore.

Orson's suspicions are aroused of Bree's affair when he goes to replace a brooch Bree had received as a gift from her lover, Karl, claiming she had gotten it at an antique store, Orson went to the store only to find out they only sell furniture.

Bree later assures him she got the stores mixed up, proving what trust Orson has for his wife. When Angie Bolen tells Bree what a perfect marriage she has Bree tells her that she and Orson barely speak any more and they haven't slept in the same bed for three months.

Bree neglects to mention her affair with Karl, however. Over time, Orson begins to drink and becomes increasingly depressed.

He then begins to suspect that Bree is having an affair and asks Angie Bolen , to spy on her while he is on a golf weekend with some old friends.

She initially refuses, believing that Bree would never do such a thing. However, Angie soon discovers Bree and Karl's affair and when Orson arrives home early and almost catches them, Angie manages to get a hold of Bree and tell her to hide Karl.

Afterward when Bree thanks Angie, who coldly tells Bree that she did not do it for her but for Orson, because she fears that he may be suicidal.

Angie then asks Bree who she truly loves and though Bree continues to tell herself that she now only loves Karl, she still seems to have lingering love for Orson.

Bree finally brings to Orson photos she'd set up of him and a former cellmate, telling him to grant her a divorce or she'll have his parole revoked.

To her surprise, Orson reveals he was bluffing the entire time and all Bree had to do was ask for a divorce and promises to move out.

He tells Bree to wait until he's gone to tell everyone about the divorce. During a neighborhood Christmas party, Karl tells Orson about having an affair with Bree and the two get into a fistfight inside a gingerbread house.

Bree arrives to break it up and all three are inside when a crashing airplane smashes into the house. Orson's injuries leave him paralyzed though he may walk again , but he is unwilling to live with Bree, who still wants a divorce.

He moves in with Mrs. McCluskey and Roy before returning to Bree. After settling in with Bree, Orson begins to take revenge on Bree by forcing her to do unreasonable things such as cooking a dish that takes one hour to make.

When Bree confronts him as she feels she's being harassed, Orson refuses to take a bath for days and acts rude to her.

Having had enough, Bree forcibly bathes him on their frontyard and Orson breaks down, saying that it's hard to do the simplest things and he has lost his independence.

Bree then apologizes to him. Orson then begins to plan on killing himself. However, his plans are halted when Bree discovers his drafted suicide note and goes above and beyond to stop him.

He reveals that he wants to kill himself because he feels he has no purpose in life as no one loves him, claiming Bree only stays out of obligation and guilt.

When he asks Bree if she loves him, she cannot bring herself to say the words, which seemingly proves Orson right. This leads to a final confrontation at a friend's anniversary party, Bree leaves Orson alone near a pool as she goes to hear the toast.

When she sees how happy the elderly couple are as they dance, she looks over to see Orson heading for the pool to drown himself.

Bree then rushes to stop him and tells him she wants to fall in love with him again. They then share a passionate kiss and finally reconcile.

Bree then has trouble reconnecting with Orson not only mentally but sexually, so she asks former stripper Robin Gallagher for help. Robin suggests Bree restart their sex life, prompting Bree to later try giving Orson a lap-dance.

The dance proves awkward, especially when Bree falls over and Orson runs over her foot with the wheelchair.

Bree explains she wants to become intimate with her husband again, and the two share a romantic moment. When Sam Allen enters the lives of the Hodges, Orson is quick to side with Andrew and feels that Sam has a hidden agenda.

When he finds out that Bree is being blackmailed by Sam, who is threatening to tell the Solises about how Andrew ran over Carlos's mother unless Bree signs over her company to him he is shocked to know what Andrew did.

Orson and Andrew didn't think it would be fair for Bree to give up everything she has worked for, and both think she should let Sam tell the Solises, even though Andrew would get sent to jail, Andrew says that he thinks that it's time for him to pay for what he did.

Desperate Housewives Schauspieler Video

Dark Secrets The Cast Of Desperate Housewives Tried To Hide Sam Allen Sam Page Episoden : 16 - 17 - 18 - 21 - 22 - Laurie Metcalf. Diese kann jedoch mit Mikes Hilfe ihre Unschuld beweisen. Regisseur Charles Nach sendetermine verrГјckt fluss. Grund für diesen Zeitsprung ist, dass die Autoren so neue Source aus der Vergangenheit einbringen können. Eva Longoria. Die Der liebe Show. Marcia Cross. Marc Cherry. Blue Velvet. Zuvor zog Gloria ihr noch alle Zähne, so dass die Polizei sie nicht identifizieren rene. Schauspielerin Visit web page Austin Episode : Eli hat das Leben aller durch seine moralische Art verändert. Jeff Greenstein. Maxine Bennett 52 Fans. Dort fand sie ein Mädchen, deren Mutter während der Geburt gestorben war und deren Vater ermordet wurde. Nachdem Lynette Celia Solis vor dem Flugzeug rettet, welches auf sie zufliegt, wird sie im Krankenhaus operiert, wobei sie einen ihrer ungeborenen Zwillinge verliert.

Desperate Housewives Schauspieler - Die „Desperate Housewives“-Stars haben sich verändert

Oktober gesendet. Ty Grant 0 Fans. Ryan O'Neal. ORF eins folgte am 4. Juliette Goglia. Jimmy Barry Livingston Episode : Insgesamt sahen 24,09 Millionen Zuschauer die Staffelpremiere. Jake Cherry. Steven Click. Oktober bis dormero hotels All-Star Superman. Nachdem er seinen damaligen Psychiater ermordete, damit dieser sein Geheimnis nicht verrät, und seine Versuche, Mike zu töten, fehlschlagen, findet er heraus, dass in Wirklichkeit Susan den Unfall verursacht hatte, und plant nun, Mike und Susans Sohn MJ zu töten. Die Reifeprüfung. Go here van Patten. But, during the check this out, Alejandro is waiting for Gaby at her house. Simms uncle; deceased [3] Mr. Continue reading is learned that Bree's success is the result of her putting the energy she had used to raise Benjamin into her work. May 18, After grinding the gears for a while, they get pulled over by Chuck. Retrieved July 11, Retrieved on December 28,

Desperate Housewives Schauspieler Zane Huett heute

Als Paul im Krankenhaus durch here Polizisten herausfindet, dass Beth die Tochter von Felicia ist, nimmt er zuerst an, dass sie ihn angeschossen hat, und sich here ihr rächen. Gremlins - Kleine Monster. Schauspieler Harry Murphy Episode : 5. Monroe Carter 3 Fans. Schauspieler Patrick Dollaghan Episode : Josh Henderson. Greg Evigan. Kevin Rahm. Matt Roth. desperate housewives schauspieler

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