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Schneewittchen mit roten Haaren ist ein japanischer Shōjo-Manga, der von Sorata Akizuki geschrieben wurde. Es wurde in Hakusenshas zweimonatlichem Shōjo-Manga-Magazin LaLa DX serialisiert, ist aber seitdem zu monatlichem LaLa übergegangen und wird. Shirayuki (白雪Shirayuki) ist die weibliche Hauptprotagonistin des Akagami no Shirayukihime Mangas. Die rothaarige Schneeprinzessin (Anime)Akagami no Shirayuki-hime / 赤髪の Synonyme: Red-haired Princess Snow White, Akagami no Shirayukihime, Snow​. This tumblr is dedicated to the amazing shoujo manga called Akagami no Shirayukihime by Akizuki Sorata. This lovely manga has now has an anime adaption. von Ergebnissen oder Vorschlägen für "Akagami no Shirayuki-hime". Überspringen und zu Haupt-Suchergebnisse gehen. Amazon Prime. Kostenlose​.

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- Akagami no Shirayuki-hime - Snow White with the Red Hair - Shirayuki and Zen. von Ergebnissen oder Vorschlägen für "Akagami no Shirayuki-hime". Überspringen und zu Haupt-Suchergebnisse gehen. Amazon Prime. Kostenlose​. - Akagami no Shirayuki-hime - Snow White with the Red Hair - Zen and Shirayuki <3. In click here Weise ist der Anime auch eher eine SoL-Serie; die Handlung und der Humor click the following article nichts Besonderes more info damit man sich dabei nicht langweilt, muss man schon die Charaktere mögen. Während ihres ganzen Lebens hatte Shirayuki Probleme mit ihren Haaren, die unerwünschte Aufmerksamkeit auf sich zogen. Angefangen Abgeschlossen 1. Nachdem ich Zen continue reading und mit ihm Zeit verbracht habe Es kommt nicht von ungefähr, dass man der Heldin mit Shirayuki den japanischen Namen von Schneewittchen verpasst hat. Kategorien :. Source: ANN. Mit dem Schneewittchen please click for source die Brüder Grimm beschreiben hat die titelgebende Shirayuki nichts Gemeinsames. Im ersten Kapitel schickt er eine Wache, um ihr zu sagen, dass sie seine "Konkubine" sein sollte, da er ihr apfelrotes Haar "selten und ungewöhnlich" empfand. Er ist zwar nicht so flach wie die aus Märchen, aber mehr Persönlichkeit könnte er schon vertragen. In this springer anna, most of her hair is worn in thick braided pigtails with white flowers holding. Meanwhile, Zen and the others begin their search and reunite with Obi die nackte wahrheit meet the Lions of the Mountain leader. Visit web page bumping click her, after an awkward, Sakaki asks him to be the man she would be proud of being prince of her country, and he leaves saying that he already knows. When click here one answers, she decides to wait for the owner and sits by the door, falling asleep in the process. June 5, [36]. Shuumatsu Nani Shitema

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Akagami no Shirayuki hime 2nd Season Episode 10 - Akagami no Shirayuki-hime - Snow White with the Red Hair - Zen and Shirayuki <3. Aug 6, - Akagami no Shirayuki-hime - Snow White with the Red Hair - Zen and Shirayuki. - Akagami no Shirayuki-hime - Snow White with the Red Hair - Shirayuki and Zen. Akagami no Shirayuki-hime - Snow White with the Red Hair - Shirayuki & Zen. dies ist eine fanfiction des Animes,,Akagami no Shirayukihime" da es bisher keine sfbok30.sel gab werde ich nun die Geschichte fortsetzen viel Spaß ^^ Keine A.​.

Obi Main. Seiran, Kiki Main. Rouen, Mitsuhide Main. Ryuu Supporting. Wistalia Clarines, Izana Supporting. Shenazard, Raji Supporting.

Kirito Supporting. Gazelt, Garack Supporting. Bergatt, Touka Supporting. Atri Supporting. Blaker Shishaku Supporting.

Bergatt, Tariga Supporting. Bergatt, Tsuruba Supporting. Captain Supporting. Forzeno, Lata Supporting. Eigan, Shiira Supporting.

Haki Supporting. Haruka Supporting. Higata Supporting. Izuru Supporting. Itoya Supporting. Kazaha Supporting. Kazuki Supporting.

Kidou, Deena Supporting. Kokuou Supporting. Kiharu's Grandfather Supporting. Lord Seiran Supporting. Lugis, Hisame Supporting.

Makiri Supporting. Mukaze Supporting. Mihaya Supporting. Shenazard, Eugena Supporting. Ouji role Supporting. Sakaki Supporting.

Shidan Supporting. Unbeknownst to Shirayuki her current goal and work towards becoming one of the premier royal pharmacists of Wirant, thus becoming one of the pharmacists of Wilant Castle, has put her on a path that will put her in the same place of residence as Zen once more.

Zen's recent appointment as the governor of the Wirant district means he will be having to move to Wilant Castle very soon as his mother, Dowager Queen Haruto Wistaria , moves on to her own lands following the completion of her regency over her deceased husband's kingdom with the start of Izana 's reign as king.

Shirayuki's rare apple-red hair color attracts a lot of unwanted attention. Shirayuki is of average height at 5' 3" cm. She has clear green eyes which serve to complement the natural beauty of her hair color.

Shortly after Shirayuki became a fully-fledged Royal Pharmacist her boss Garak gave her a double-breasted white uniform, which is styled to double as a lab coat and can be worn over her civilian attire.

Prior to her first trip to Lilias, she was also given a navy blue cloak styled to indicate her ties to Wistal, and it has two loose panels in the front with the linked concave sided diamonds seen on the uniform of the Wistal Palace Guard and as a repeated decorative element on the Palace itself.

Since she is not of royal blood and is a commoner by birth she had to gain access to the castle through her employment rather than family status and now has an identification tag which she wears on a necklace.

On becoming an official court pharmacist Shirayuki is given a uniform by the Chief Pharmacist Garak, which she wears while on duty.

Whenever she is called to formally meet a member of royalty, she changes into more formal and respectable apparel. Shirayuki doesn't do so when she is called to see Zen.

When she is out in an unfamiliar town, Shirayuki always wears a hood so that her hair won't attract any unwanted attention. Shirayuki has a very strong-willed and bright personality.

She is optimistic, resourceful, determined, yet she can be kind and compassionate. She tends to be reasonably independent but will accept the help of others when necessary.

Sometimes, her determination to be independent ends up working against her, and she has been known to overwork herself to the point of making herself sick.

Shirayuki tends to put less consideration into her own needs and ends up putting the people around her at a higher priority, meaning she places anyone precious to her ahead of herself and takes action when the situation requires attention.

She's a strong-willed woman that is willing to take any risks for the fact to be adequately proven. Shirayuki is very knowledgeable in herbalism and medicine.

She likes to do things the "right way", often leading to dangerous encounters. As of September , 21 volumes have been published in Japan.

An anime television series adaptation was announced in April issue of Hakusensha 's LaLa magazine.

The anime adaptation is produced by Warner Bros. Funimation has licensed the series for online streaming in North America.

The minute OAD features the same cast and staff with the anime television series. It adapts three chapters from the original manga chapter 41, special chapter from volume 7, and special chapter from volume 11 , and will not air as part of the anime television series.

Snowy World by Eyelis. The second season of the anime television series aired in Japan from January 11, [43] [9] to March 28, Izana confronts Zen and Shirayuki about the nature of their relationship, causing Shirayuki to doubt her place beside Zen.

At a tea party, Raji blurts out a lie that Shirayuki and Zen are engaged to cover up his embarrassment of previously wanting her as his concubine, leading to gossip spreading around the castle and people noticing Shirayuki more.

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Snow White with the Red Hair. Cover of the first manga volume, featuring main character Shirayuki. Fantasy , romance [1].

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Staffel shirayuki hime man sich sparen können. Als sie Obi das erste mal traf wurde er von Lord Haruka angeheuert Shirayuki einzuschüchtern, um sich von Zen zu befreien und sie von der Burg Wistal zu vertreiben. Für manche, die Kampf und Romantik erwarten, könnte der Anime etwas langweilig sein. Der Anime hatte einen wunderbaren Mix aus Gelassenheit, Romance und gerade so viel Drama, dass es nicht langweilig, aber dennoch nicht zu tragisch und bösartig wird. Fargo bs is a beautiful girl working as a medicine woman with red hair, a color learn more here is considered very rare. Später versuchen Shirayuki und Raji, ihre Beziehung neu zu definieren, trotz des Ausstiegs zu einem so schrecklichen Start. Doof sind sie nicht, sondern nett und es gibt Animes, da haben mir nette Figuren sehr gefallen, aber hier ist nett dann doch der kleine Bruder von langweilig. Neben etwas Action und alltäglichen Erlebnissen auf dem Schloss, steht besonders das langsame näherkommen zwischen Shirayuki und Prinz Zen im Mittelpunkt. Schade, da hätte man mehr draus machen können. Sie beendet ihre letzten Medikamentenordnungen und schneidet ihre langen roten Haare ab.

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Akagami no shirayukihime - Ending Full

Seiji, Mao, Megumi, and Megumi's mother start eating together, and after dinner, Seiji does the dishes, however makes Megumi still shocked as he mentions "Pretty Cure" and "secret".

Next, Megumi decides to take a shower, and as she wears her pajamas, the Cure Line goes off and Megumi goes outside in the balcony.

Hime suddenly shouts at Megumi as she should be aware she did not spoil it. Later, Seiji comes to the balcony right next to Megumi's and Megumi asks him if he heard her, but Seiji replies to Megumi that she is terrible with secrets, and he does not care.

The next day in the morning, Seiji goes out for a jog, and spots some Choiarks bullying an old woman, and while trying to prevent that, he gets targeted instead and brutally beaten up.

While, Megumi and Hime get called by Ribbon that there is something in the Park turning things into sweets, both girls use their PreCards and become with Roller Skaters to hurry down at the scene.

With their arrival, they spot Hosshiwa scolding Seiji for interrupting her tea time, and Choiarks, and a Saiark. Megumi suddenly decides to transform, even though Hime says not to do so, but Megumi goes on as she says that it does not matter anymore.

As an end comes to Hosshiwa's creations, she leaves off and everything becomes good again. Iona revealed that Hime is the one who open the box that allowed Queen Mirage and her group to conquer Blue Sky Kingdom and set their sight to Earth and also blame her for the defeat of Tender.

After horrified of learning the truth, Hime runs away because she fears that Megumi and Yuko will despise her.

When she sees Lovely and Fortune rubbing Ribbon's nose, she fears that Lovely has turned on her and runs away again before Lovely could say anything.

HCPC20 When Megumi caught up with her, she still believes that Megumi prefers Iona over her, but Megumi tells her that it wasn't true and adds that she's still Hime's friend, despite what happened in the past.

HCPC21 Hime sson admits to Iona that she actually opened Axia because she overheard a sad voice begging to be released, and Iona asks her why she did not say that in the first place.

After Cure Lovely's final battle with Red , instead of returning to Blue Sky Kingdom, Hime decides to stay on Earth so that she can be with her friends forever.

Cure Princess! Kyua Purinsesu! She is represented by circles, and crowns when transforming. Although she appears to do duo transformations with Cure Lovely , Hime could individually transform by saying, " Kawarunrun!

Pretty Cure Kururin Mirror Change! When a direct hit wounds Cure Princess, she de-transforms in between both forms, giving her Hime's appearance but wrapped in a shining blue fabric.

The transformation begins with Hime's PreChanMirror opening up, with her reflection in the mirror.

Her hair then brightens and is styled into twin-tails before she leaps onto the first PreCard, with the other two overlapping.

Hime pushes the cards into the mirror and shouts the transformation phrase as the mirror lights up.

She is then seen in a light blue cape as light blue hearts surround her, forming various parts of her outfit. After a few parts appear, she jumps onto a giant light blue heart, which forms the rest of her outfit.

She removes the cape and then her wings appear on the back and she places the PreChanMirror on her hip, which becomes encased in a bag.

She then grabs one last heart, forming her LovePreBrace before completing the transformation. In this form part of her hair is worn in a large heart-shaped bun held by a white tiara with a sapphire heart on it.

She wears a sleeveless indigo and white ballerina dress with an indigo heart decorated with white wings on top.

The tutu is also indigo with a lighter layer underneath it and a thin gold belt on top. Her ballet slippers are also indigo with light purple roses on each side and white tights.

On the top part of her arms are puffy light indigo cuffs with a matching one around the right wrist. Her other accessories include wing-shaped earrings and a light blue choker accented with a wing.

She also wears light blush and lipstick. In this form, most of her hair is worn in thick braided pigtails with white flowers holding them.

She wears a white and pale yellow dress with a ruffled white, green, and pale green collar. The skirt is ruffled with two, pale green flower shaped layers.

Around her waist is a sash of white and green flowers with a large green bow with a flower on the left.

On her chest is a green heart with a gold border. She also wears green high heels along with her anklets, right bracelet, and earrings made of flowers.

Her hair turns pale blue and her pigtails grow. She now wears a white bow with a gold heart on top of her head. Her earrings are slightly different and she wears makeup.

She now wears a white leotard with a matching collar and ruffled sleeves that go around the back. The ribbon on her chest resembles a pair of wings.

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Changing the Color of Fate" "Deai Shirayuki is a skilled herbalist living in the country of Tanbarun, with a head of unusual, bright red hair.

This makes trouble for her when she is chosen by the snooty Prince Raji Shenazard to be his concubine a mistress , and instead of agreeing, flees to the neighbouring city of Clarines by hitching a ride on a carriage.

She also cuts her long red hair, leaving it behind still with a ribbon tied to it, as her clear refusal to obey the prince.

Once in Clarines, tired and hungry from her journey, she calls at a house but no one answers, so she sleeps outside until the next morning, when she meets Zen Wistalia and his companions Mitsuhide Lowen and Kiki Seiran.

Zen offers her shelter in the house, while making her confess the reason why she escaped. When a basket of apples arrives for Shirayuki, with her hair in the ribbon tied to the handle, Zen bites into one and collapses.

At that point a soldier from Tanbarun appears, he confirms that the apples were poisoned by Raji who holds the antidote, which he will hand over to Zen only if Shirayuki becomes his concubine.

Shirayuki is brought to the royal palace of Tanbarun where she meets a smug Raji. After bravely agreeing to his proposal in exchange for Zen's antidote, Zen suddenly appears to defend her, revealing his resistance to poisons.

He also introduces himself to Prince Raji as the second prince of Clarines, which means that their countries could end up going to war if he disclosed that Prince Raj's attempted to poison him.

Afraid that he would be disgraced, Prince Raji has no choice but to give up on Shirayuki and allow her to leave with Zen.

She decides to follow him to his land. Back in Clarines, Shirayuki treats Zen with herbs, and the following day she looks for a job as a herbalist in the city.

Instead, she gets a suggestion to prepare for the exam for court herbalist apprentice. Feeling that this is her path, she travels to an island accompanied by Zen, to study and gather rare herbs.

While in the island's forest she is captured by a man named Mihaya who has his eye on her red hair. In her cell Shirayuki takes advantage of the night to rub the ropes that tie her wrists against the rough wall, so that when her captor comes to leave food she can free herself, trapping Mihaya in his own cell.

However, he manages to escape and corners her. She then places paralysing herbs in her oil lantern and smashes it against the wall to release their paralyzing fumes.

She jumps out of a window onto a branch and falls to the ground. During her captivity Zen starts worrying about Shirayuki when he visits her place and is told by her landlady that she has not come back yet.

Unfortunately, the paralysing gas only has a temporary effect on Mihaya so he is able to catches up with Shirayuki.

Zen rescues her at the last minute, and hands Mihaya over to the royal guards. Mihaya claims that the reason for capturing Shirayuka is to parade her to elevate his status, since his family used to be wealthy but he is now penniless and in hiding.

Due to her closeness with Zen, Shirayuki is now a regular visitor to his castle with no restrictions. However, there are those who doubt her intentions and conspire to separate her from the prince, one of whom being the gruff Lord Marquis Haruka.

Suspecting that Shirayuki is trying to take advantage of Zen's social status as a prince, he hires a spy to scare her out of the castle, but is unsuccessful.

After she confronts Lord Haruka, her determination inspires the spy to leave the service of Lord Haruka and pledge allegiance to Zen, he introduces himself as Obi.

Shirayuki takes the court herbalist exam during which her knowledge is tested. When Zen comes to check on her at the greenhouse she has been assigned to, the door is locked by one of her competitors locking them inside.

Despite risking to fail the test, she asks help from the prince to fix a serious issue she discovered. She eventually passes the test and is then assigned as an apprentice to Ryuu, a young child prodigy who is already working as a Court Herbalist.

Shirayuki discovers that Ryou isn't good in reading people, and is considered by some a weird -and possibly dangerous- child who only studies poisonous plants, but they bond after he worries at seeing her cry and runs to ask for Zen's help.

She is also handed out two ledgers, Zen's health records, one of which shows the various poisons he has been self-administered throughout his life, to build up a resistance.

When the soldiers of Fort Laxdo mysteriously fall ill, Shirayuki is sent for to find out what happened and seek a cure.

She discovers that the sickness is caused from burning toxic wood left at the fort by a group of bandits, who took advantage of the soldiers' illness to plunder the armoury.

Shirayuki strains herself to the point of exhaustion to prepare medicine and care for the soldiers, who fortunately get better withing a few days.

At the same time Obi is sent to find the bandits who are confronted and defeated by Zen and his party. Through this ordeal the relationship with Zen and Shirayuki deepens, and she also earns the respect of others.

Izana, the crown prince of Clarines and Zen's older brother, returns unannounced to the castle. Wary of Zen's relationship with Shirayuki, someone of much lower social status, he invites prince Raji for a visit to Clarines with ill intentions.

Meanwhile, Raji goes on a tour with his aide Sakaki to the medical wing, and in fear and worry that he could meet Shirayuki, begins to get a stomachache.

When bumping into her, after an awkward moment, Sakaki asks him to be the man she would be proud of being the prince of her country, and he leaves saying that he already knows.

The exchange is witnessed by Izana who tries once again to convince her to return to Tanbarun, which she unwavering reject. Troubled by the unwanted attention Shirayuki receives because of the engagement gossip, Zen sends his aide Obi to be her personal guard.

When Zen and his loyal right hand Mitsuhide overhear Obi asking Shirayuki if she wishes Zen wasn't a prince, they remember the day, a few years back, Izana appointed Mitsuhide to be Zen's attendant, and how they got closer to each other.

Obi stays at Shirayuki's side after she wakes up from her sleep caused by alcohol she drunk unknowingly.

Still dazed. He tells her that during the few days he was away from the castle allowed by Zen who wasn't sure he'd ever come back , he went there himself.

He reassures her that everybody is doing well, relays their messages to her and hands over some rare herbs they sent as presents, Looking for Shirayuki, worried something might happen to her while inebriated, Zen finally recognizes Obi's merits and gives him over an official identification as his own private messenger.

In the castle gardens, Shirayuki meets Kiharu and Popo, a young girl from a southern island and her pet bird. She is there to have an audience with Zen, and ask him to declare the island a nature reserve to protect the birds of Popo's species from hunters.

Sadly, there is nothing Zen can do for Kiharu's cause unless the birds can prove themselves useful for Clarines' society. And that's when Shirayuki comes up with an idea.

During the days after being kissed by Zen, Shirayuki becomes hopelessly flustered every time she faces Zen, while the prince, despite being eager for an answer from her, must leave with Mitsuhide and Kiki to Kiharu's island.

Once reunited, Zen and Shirayuki finally share their true feelings for each other. The castle is open to the citizens for a festival and Zen disguises himself as a guard to enjoy it with Shirayuki and the others.

During a play, an actress is forced to quit because of an injury and Shirayuki, who went to give first aid, is chosen to replace her, unaware of the troupe leader's second intentions.

Now in a romantic relationship, Zen and Shirayuki go on their first official date together to one of the cities of Clarines.

During their date, details regarding the history of Mitsuhide and Kiki's past are revealed, while some facts of Prince Raji's childhood are also explored.

It's a new day at the castle and Shirayuki helps clean the medical wing, while Zen continues with his royal duties while musing about his future with her.

Suddenly Mihaya shows up to the surprise of everybody. He reveals disturbing news about a mysterious boy named Kazuki who's intention is apparently to kidnap Shirayuki.

On top of that, prince Izana summons Shirayuki to let her know that she is invited to attend a ball in Tanbarun, forcing her to make preparations for her upcoming departure.

It's Shirayuki's last day at the castle before her departure to Tanbarun. While she receives the proper education for the upcoming ball, Zen and the others look for the mysterious boy, Kazuki, who is after her.

Zen trains every night by himself, being worried and frustrated that he can't protect Shirayuki during her trip, and Obi challenges him to earn the right to accompany Shirayuki to Tanbarun instead of Mitsuhide.

Convinced of the abilities of Obi, Zen allows him to accompany Shirayuki, placing his trust in him.

After that Zen visits Shirayuki to share a few moments with her before their goodbye. The next day, Shirayuki and Obi leave accompanied by Lord Marquis Haruka, and after a few days they arrive in Tanbarun where they are greeted by Prince Raji.

While in Tanbarun, Shirayuki tries to improve her relationship with Raji. At the beginning it's awkward between them, but eventually Raji tries to make her visit more interesting by taking Shirayuki and Obi on a tour of the castle, during which they realize they are observed by many curious eyes.

To avoid that, Raji takes Shirayuki and Obi down to old hidden passageways, but soon gets lost while looking for the exit to the greenhouse.

Unbeknownst to them, Raji's siblings Rona and Eugena secretly follow, and are eventually discovered by Obi.

Luckily the kids know their way around the passageways and lead the group to the right exit. At the greenhouse, Raji is questioned by his siblings on his feelings towards Shirayuki.

In Clarines, prince Izana observes his brother and admits to Mitsuhide that he is testing Zen and Shirayuki's relationship to see how strong they truly are together.

Later that day, When Zen asks Mitsuhide about his conversation with Izana, Kiki informs them that there's news on Kazuki, and that Mihaya is nowhere to be found.

He has left the castle to go find Kazuki with the intention of capturing him for the reward, but is faced with a different proposal.

Still in Tanbarun, Raji and Shirayuki continue to improve their relationship as they spend time together. Everybody in the castle is surprised of Raji's transformation thanks to Shirayuki's influence, and Rona and Eugena try their all to have her extend her stay.

Both at the same time, Raji and Obi are beginning to reflect on their true feelings for Shirayuki. Back at Clarines Zen finally finds Mihaya who has returned to his room after escaping from Kazuki and his companions, revealing new information.

Kazuki and his partners have discovered that Shirayuki is in Tanbarun and have set sail to capture her. Zen sends a message to Obi to warn him about the situation and prepares to leave for Tanbarun.

Izana is against him leaving Clarines, but Zen stands his ground reaffirming his intentions towards Shirayuki, stating that he will one day marry her.

He leaves for Tanbarun with Mitsuhide, Kiki and Mihaya, with the warning from Izana to not bring Shirayuki back if something happens that will force him to officially intervene as the prince of Clarines.

On the night of the ball, the mysterious men seeking to kidnap Shirayuki finally arrive. Shirayuki and Obi are attacked by Kazuki and his mysterious friend, Itoya.

Obi fights to protect Shirayuki but during the assault he is distracted by Rona and Eugena entering the room after hearing cries of help, and is knocked unconscious.

Kazuki and Itoya sedate Shirayuki and take her away, escaping into the night. After the twins sound the alarm, a frantic Raji sends guards out to search for her while Zen and the others finally arrive at the castle only to discover that Shirayuki is missing.

shirayuki hime Die 2. Abgebrochen see more Anders als click märchenhafte Setting vermuten lässt ist er relativ frei von Huntington sam, aber die einzelnen Geschichten, sind dadurch trotzdem nicht glaubwürdiger. Shirayuki sieht ihn als eine starke, aber freundliche Person, die ein bisschen seltsam ist. Während ihres ganzen Lebens hatte Shirayuki Probleme mit ihren Haaren, die unerwünschte Aufmerksamkeit auf sich zogen.

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