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Game Of Thrones Tormund Das nächste Fantasy-Highlight für Game of Thrones-Fans - hört den Podcast:

Tormund Giantsbane ist eine fiktive Figur in der Reihe A Song of Ice and Fire mit Fantasy-Romanen des amerikanischen Autors George R. R. Martin und seiner Fernsehadaption Game of Thrones. Tormund Riesentod (im Original: Tormund Giantsbane) ist ein Hauptcharakter ab der vierten Staffel. After Earth () mit und wurde durch seine Rolle des Tormund Riesentod in der Serie Game of Thrones (–) einem breiteren Publikum bekannt. Diese fantastische Tormund Riesentod Action-Figur ist ein Neuzugang zur stetig wachsenden Game-of-Thrones-Reihe. Alle Action-Figuren werden in einer. Funko Pop! Fernsehen; Game of Thrones; Tormund Giantsbane; Offizielles Lizenzprodukt; Hochwertig. › Weitere Produktdetails.

game of thrones tormund

Tormund Giantsbane berühmten Haarlinien Druck, Typografie und Illustration Mix, Fan-Kunst, 11 x 17", einzigartige Plakat und Game of Thrones Geschenk. Kaum eine Romanze begeistert „Game of Thrones“-Fans so sehr, wie die (derzeit leider noch einseitige) Liebe, die Tormund vom Freien Volk für. Kristofer Hivju war einer der ersten Prominenten, die eine CovidErkrankung öffentlich machten. Nun vermeldet der Norweger, den "Game.

How much of Kristofer Hivju's work have you seen? Known For. Force Majeure Mats. Game of Thrones Tormund Giantsbane. After Earth Security Chief.

The Thing Jonas. Mango: Lifes Coincidences announced Headmaster. Steinar Hovland. Show all 8 episodes. Jormungandr voice.

Tormund Giantsbane. Show all 33 episodes. Kenge voice. Expert Commentator as Kristoffer Hivju. Soon after, the White Walkers and their army finally march on the Wall.

The Night King, which has reanimated Viserion, uses the dragon to destroy Eastwatch and the section of the Wall behind the castle, allowing the army of the dead to march on the Seven Kingdoms and seemingly trapping Tormund and Beric Dondarrion on top of the remaining part of the Wall.

Tormund and Beric manage to escape the Wall and retreat to Winterfell. Along the way, they stop at Last Hearth and find it has already been overwhelmed by the White Walkers.

They encounter Dolorous Edd and the Night's Watch. Tormund realises that they must reach Winterfell to warn its defenders of the dead's proximity, and arrive on the eve of the White Walkers' arrival.

Tormund fights in the ensuing battle and is amongst the survivors when the Night King is finally defeated. Afterward, Tormund tells Jon that he and his people are returning to their lands beyond the Wall after the worst of winter has passed.

Jon asks him to take his direwolf, Ghost, with him, saying Ghost belongs in the far North. Following Daenerys massacring King's Landing after the city surrenders to her, Jon tries but fails to dissuade her from more destruction and ultimately assassinates her, for which he is exiled to the Night's Watch.

Tormund and Ghost are reunited with Jon when he arrives at Castle Black. Jon and Ghost accompany Tormund as he leads the wildlings to return to their lands beyond the Wall.

Norwegian actor Kristofer Hivju has received positive reviews for his performance as Tormund Giantsbane in the television series.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Character in A Song of Ice and Fire. Television : " The Iron Throne " Toregg [1] Torwynd [1] Dormund [1] Dryn [1] Munda [1].

See also: A Storm of Swords. See also: A Dance with Dragons. A Dance with Dragons. Retrieved December 25, Deadline Hollywood.

December 11, Retrieved September 15, January 18, George R. Martin 's A Song of Ice and Fire. A Game of Thrones. Fandom Themes Targaryendraco.

Book Category Outline. Categories : A Song of Ice and Fire characters Literary characters introduced in Fictional revolutionaries Fictional swordsmen Fictional tribal chiefs Fictional war veterans Male characters in literature Male characters in television.

Hidden categories: Articles with short description. Tormund continues his rampage along the Castle, despite receiving multiple wounds from arrows and swords.

After all of the rear assault forces are slain, only Tormund remains and is incapacitated by a crossbow bolt from Jon Snow.

He is then taken prisoner for interrogation. After Mance's forces on the other side of the Wall are defeated by the surprise appearance of Stannis Baratheon, Jon comes to Tormund, who has had his wounds tended to by Maester Aemon.

Jon informs Tormund that they will be burning the dead wildlings' bodies and asks if he wishes to say any words in their memory.

Tormund, alongside his fellow wildlings, are present when Mance Rayder is executed by Stannis Baratheon for refusing to bend the knee.

He is visibly distressed to see his king and longtime friend executed in such a brutal manner, being burned alive at the stake. However, before Mance is burnt, Jon mercifully shoots him dead with an arrow, an act that Tormund would remember as honorable.

Once Stannis leaves the jurisdiction of the wildling prisoners to Lord Commander Jon Snow, he suggested that Tormund might be more open to forming the same alliance Mance Rayder rejected.

Jon offers Tormund lands south of the Wall for the wildlings to settle after they have rounded up the surviving Free Folk north of the Wall in return for their help in defeating the White Walkers when they march on the Wall.

Tormund is reluctant at first, and after Jon unchains him, he discloses that most of the remaining Free Folk who are north of the Wall are at Hardhome.

Jon offers him horses and men to bring them back, yet Tormund states that they will also need ships in order to bring all the wildlings to Castle Black, and that Jon must accompany them to assure the Free Folk they will not simply set fire to all the ships and kill them all.

Jon agrees and says he will borrow the ships from Stannis, which he later does, just before Stannis abandons Castle Black and marches on Winterfell.

Tormund and Jon, along with other members of the Night's Watch and the Free Folk, arrive at the wildling town Hardhome to convince the rest of the wildlings to join them in the upcoming war against the White Walkers and their armies of Wights.

Insisting on never being an ally with a Crow, The Lord of Bones insults Tormund for being at the side of Jon Snow, causing Tormund to beat his former ally to death with his own staff.

The wildling elders decide to gather in the town hall to hear Jon, who quickly proposes an alliance between the Free Folk and the Night's Watch in the face of their common enemy, the undead.

Having not seen Mance Rayder since he was taken prisoner at The Wall, the wildlings question his whereabouts.

Snow reluctantly informs them that he is dead and that he shot him personally, with an arrow. This angers the group, but as they move in to kill him, Tormund vouches for him, describing how Rayder was about to be burned at the stake as a warning from Stannis Baratheon, and how Snow defied Stannis by ending his life quickly instead of humiliating him.

Some leaders are convinced, but others begin to leave. A few hours later Tormund is helping the Night's Watch load the boats and Jon queries how many wildlings have boarded estimating about 5, and worried that they are leaving too many behind.

Tormund says he's not good at counting but that the wildlings are stubborn however, more will join because "they're running out of food and there's nothing to hunt".

A large host of undead wights then storm Hardhome and start breaking through the gate and wall separating a small segment of Hardhome.

Jon and Tormund fight alongside others to give as many people as possible an opportunity to make it to their ships. Edd Tollett, Wun Wun , and others are trapped inside the town hall, which is set upon by wights and catches fire — in the confusion, the bag of dragonglass weapons is lost.

On top of a hill overlooking Hardhome, multiple White Walkers mounted on undead horses observe the battle, including The Night's King.

The White Walkers deploy another large host of wights, hurling them over the cliffs above Hardhome. Jon, Edd, Tormund and the remaining defenders flee for their lives.

Flanked by Wun Wun, who wields a burning log as a club before walking into the sea with them, they manage to get to the last remaining boat and quickly row out to a safe distance.

As Jon and the others look on in horror, the Night's King raises his arms triumphantly; all around him, the slain wildlings rise up as undead wights.

Days later, Jon, Tormund, and the surviving few thousand wildlings from Hardhome, arrive at the Wall, presumably in two groups, before the gates of Castle Black and are allowed through by a very reluctant Ser Alliser Thorne.

In response to Jon Snow's death at the hands of mutineers led by Alliser Thorne, Eddison Tollett leaves to find Tormund and the wildlings and get their help in the coming struggle for their lives against Thorne and his men.

After Edd finds him, Tormund leads the wildlings to attack Castle Black. Once inside, Tormund quickly kills a brother who attacks him, and with help from Wun Wun , who throws another against a wall, the rest surrender without a fight.

After the mutineers are detained, Tormund examines Jon's body, then asks Davos to burn it as quickly as possible to avoid reanimation as a wight.

However, when she attempts to resurrect Jon, and is the first to leave the room when she seemingly fails, seconds before Jon awakens in a delayed reaction.

When Jon awakens and is clothed by Davos, Tormund sees Jon coming from the room and explains that the wildlings think that he is a god. Tormund then remarks how he knows Jon isn't a god as no god would have a penis as small as his.

He proceeds to hug Jon and welcomes him back. Tormund later watches the execution of the mutineers in the crowd. As he eats, Tormund gives Brienne a flirtatious glance.

When Jon reads a letter from Ramsay Bolton , Tormund stops eating and listens intently, visibly angered at Ramsay's threats to the wildlings.

Tormund asks Sansa how many men Ramsay has. Sansa claims he has around five thousand, and Tormund tells Jon that from the thousands of wildlings they saved from Hardhome, only two thousand are able to fight.

He remains silent while listening to Jon, Sansa and Davos's strategies. Tormund is present as Jon attempts to convince Dim Dalba to join his cause, along with the remaining wildling forces.

Dim suggests that Jon is violating the original agreement, as the Free Folk were not required to fight the Boltons. Jon insists that if his army is defeated, the Boltons, Karstarks , and Umbers will inevitably march on the Free Folk settled in The Gift.

Tormund reminds Dim that Jon died for them, and exclaims that if they were not willing to do the same for him, they were cowards; and they deserved to be the last Free Folk.

Wun Wun stands up and proclaims "Snow", confirming his allegiance. After the meeting, Tormund assures Jon that the wildlings will be present at the battle.

He does so by reminding Jon that the Free Folk aren't as manipulative as Southerners, and that they will keep their word. Sansa refuses Ramsay's terms of surrender and the Stark party returns to their camp.

That night, Tormund is a part of Jon's war council where he cautions Jon of Ramsay's cavalry that would tear the wildling forces apart. Tormund and Davos leave the tent and discuss their current situation.

Tormund believes there is hope for a victory as the Boltons have never fought the Free Folk. They discuss their experiences serving Kings and Tormund reminds Davos that Stannis burnt Mance, a man unworthy of the fate he suffered.

Tormund reaffirms to Davos that he believed in Mance, just as Davos believed in Stannis. Davos suggests that perhaps their mistake was placing their faith in Kings.

Tormund reminds him that Jon is not a King and offers Davos a jug of sour goat's milk, Davos declines, stating he prefers to walking and thinking in solitude before a battle.

During the Battle of the Bastards , Tormund once again fights alongside Jon. After is Rickon is killed, Tormund is concerned that Jon will charge alone.

As Jon charges full tilt, Davos gives the command for the Stark cavalry to charge. Tormund leads the infantry that follows. In the midst of the battle, Tormund saves Jon from a Bolton infantryman who almost overwhelms him.

Visibly shaken, Jon is helped off the ground by Tormund who ascertains if he is okay. As the Stark forces are surrounded, Tormund repeatedly attempts to break the Bolton pike phalanx but is ultimately overwhelmed.

Pushed beyond his limits, Tormund panics and sends his wildlings towards the hill of corpses. This unintentionally causes Jon to be trampled by the stampede, nearly suffocating him.

Tormund is confronted by Lord Smalljon Umber and is soon overpowered by him. As the Stark forces are about to lose, the Knights of the Vale arrive, smashing the Bolton forces apart.

While Smalljon is distracted by the charge, Tormund bites his neck, then stabs him, killing him. As they storm the courtyard, Tormund and Jon watch in horror as Wun Wun succumbs to his injuries sustained during the battle and the siege.

Ramsay looses an arrow into the giant's eye, killing him. Tormund uneasily watches as Jon advances on Ramsay and eventually subdues him.

He is later present Jon with the body of his brother Rickon Stark. Tormund is later present when Jon is crowned the King in the North.

He briefly disputes with Lord Yohn Royce , claiming that Jon invited him and the wildlings south of the Wall instead of them invading as Royce believed.

Although by now a close friend and ally of Jon, he stays true to his beliefs and doesn't take part in hailing him king.

As the castles at the wall are severely undermanned, Jon asks Tormund and the wildlings north to man them, to which Tormund agrees. Tormund is sent to Eastwatch-by-the-Sea , as this is the castle closest to Hardhome where the Night King was last seen and, thus, a potential target.

He later flirts with Brienne, and remarks Podrick Payne is a "lucky man" as Brienne knocks him to the ground.

A while later, Tormund is visited at Eastwatch by Jon, along with Gendry and Jorah Mormont , who have journeyed north to capture a wight to bring before Queens Cersei Lannister and Daenerys Targaryen to convince them both of the common threat of the Night King.

Tormund quips that they are not the only ones and takes them to the ice cells, where he is holding Beric Dondarrion , Thoros of Myr , and Sandor Clegane.

During the ensuing exchange, Tormund learns Jorah's real name and deduces he is the son of Jeor Mormont , who hunted the wildlings "like animals", though Jorah retorts that the wildlings did the same to the Night's Watch.

Hostilities are quickly put aside when they all accept they are on the same side and Jon frees the Brotherhood.

Tormund joins Jon's expedition North to capture a wight. When Jon explains that Daenerys will only ally with them if he submits to her rule, Tormund remarks that Jon has grown prideful and independent as a result of his time spent with the Free Folk.

However, Tormund remarks that standing on pride can be a dangerous thing, using his late friend and leader Mance Rayder as an example.

He later banters with Sandor Clegane, the latter shooting down the idea of Tormund winning Brienne's heart.

As they get closer to a pack of wights, they are attacked by an undead polar bear which mortally wounds Thoros but which is killed by Jorah.

Later, they ambush a pack of wights led by a White Walker, and as soon as Jon slays the Walker, all but one of the wights fall lifeless.

As the wight screams for help and Jon instructs Gendry to return to Eastwatch and send a raven to Daenerys, Tormund implores him to leave his warhammer behind as it will slow him down.

The party ends up stranded in the middle of a frozen lake where Thoros eventually dies of his wounds. When the lake freezes over again, a fierce melee ensues.

Tormund destroys many wights with a dragonglass battleaxe, but he is eventually tackled by two wights, who almost drag him underwater.

He is saved at the last minute by Sandor. Daenerys eventually arrives and saves them with her dragons, though Viserion is killed by the Night King in the process, and they make it back to Eastwatch.

Tormund helps them load the wight into a boat, and shares a farewell nod with Sandor in gratitude for saving his life. Some time later, Tormund and Beric are manning Eastwatch's defenses when the army of the dead arrives, led by the Night King astride a newly-reanimated Viserion.

When Tormund sees the dragon bearing down on them, he screams for everyone to run. Tormund watches as Viserion burns right through the Wall , causing Eastwatch to collapse.

Tormund manages to escape the direct onslaught dragon-fire and watches as both wildlings and watchers are killed by the downfall of ice.

Investigating the castle, they find signs of a massacre but no corpses. Hearing a strange noise, they jump to attack, but stop after realizing they are Night's Watch members, led by acting Lord Commander Eddison Tollett.

Edd mistakes Tormund for a wight because of blue his eyes, to which Tormund retorts they've always been blue. Coming to their senses, the group investigates deeper into the castle, discovering the body of Ned Umber pinned to a wall and surrounded by limbs arranged in a spiral pattern, which Beric says is a message from the Night King.

Tormund, Beric and Edd then discuss their next move, with Tormund agreeing that if they combine horses, they can reach Winterfell in time to warn Jon.

Suddenly, Ned, having risen as a wight raises a dagger to strike, but Beric quickly stabs him, igniting him with his flaming sword and setting both the boy and spiral on fire.

Sometime later, Tormund, Beric, and Edd arrive at Winterfell. He joyfully greets Jon and tells him that the dead have already reached Last Hearth, and that whoever is still north of Winterfell must already be dead.

When Jon asks how long they'll have, Tormund claims that the dead will arrive before the sun comes up tomorrow.

Tormund later attends a war meeting at Winterfell, in which he states that while everyone is going to die; they will at least die together.

He flirtatiously greets Brienne, telling her that it might be their last night together. He later addresses Jaime as "king-killer", and afterwards tells the story on how he came to be known as "Giantsbane".

He claims he slew a giant at the age of ten and crept into his wife's bed. As she woke, she suckled Tormund at her teat for three months, mistaking him for her baby; which is the reason why Tormund is so strong.

Everyone looks at him in stunned silence at such a story, with Davos going for a drink, having refused one earlier.

Tormund is later puzzled upon learning that Brienne was never officially knighted, and states he would knight her "ten times over" for her bravery.

After witnessing Brienne's knighting by Jaime, he celebrates her achievement with the others, only to be interrupted by three horn blasts, heralding the arrival of the White Walkers.

Tormund fights in the Battle of Winterfell , assisting with the defense of Winterfell. After Arya kills the Night King, all the Wights disintegrate, leaving the living victorious.

However, the battle resulted in heavy casualties - claiming the lives of Jorah and Lyanna Mormont, Beric Dondarrion,Theon Greyjoy, and thousands of others.

The morning after the battle, Tormund is present when Jon delivers his eulogy to the fallen. At the victory feast that evening, Tormund witnesses Gendry's legitimization and praises Jon for his heroism.

After being rejected by Brienne once again, Tormund invites Sandor to join him with two Northern prostitutes, thought the Hound gruffly refuses.

The next morning, Tormund decides to return north of the Wall with the other Free Folk, despite being invited to stay in Westeros.

Jon allows Tormund to take Ghost with him, stating a direwolf has no place in the south, to which Tormund replies that Jon would be happier with the Wildlings.

Game Of Thrones Tormund Video

GoT Rewind: Tormund Giantsbane Der Trailer zu Staffel 8 von „Game of Thrones“ hat es verraten: Tormund lebt! Kristofer Hivju erklärte nun, wie spannend es mit seiner Figur. GOT's Kristofer Hivju and his feisty wife get into an argument in LA You May or May Not Freak Out After Seeing Game of Thrones' Tormund Without His Beard. Tormund Giantsbane berühmten Haarlinien Druck, Typografie und Illustration Mix, Fan-Kunst, 11 x 17", einzigartige Plakat und Game of Thrones Geschenk. Der norwegische Schauspieler Kristofer Hivju wurde vor allem durch die Rolle des Wildlings Tormund in der Kult-Serie „Game of Thrones“. Kaum eine Romanze begeistert „Game of Thrones“-Fans so sehr, wie die (derzeit leider noch einseitige) Liebe, die Tormund vom Freien Volk für. Der Trupp kreist ihn ein, um ihn gefangenzunehmen und click the following article Süden zu bringen. Als Jon behauptet, auf der Festung befänden sich 1. Deswegen hat der Charakter, der vom Tormund-Darsteller, gespielt wird, als "Nigel" bezeichnet. Gemeinsam bricht Tormund mit den liebesfilme beliebte auf, um einen Wanderer zu fangen. Als das Signalhorn qvcc Arryns ertönt, ist Kleinjon abgelenkt. Später reisen sie gemeinsam mit dem Freien Volk und Geist jenseits der Mauer, um fortan dort zu leben. Gemeinsam müssen sie beobachten wie Jon die Burg verlässt. Und er mahnt zur Wachsamkeit. Es wird natürlich etwas Geheimniskrämerei rund um die neue Staffel von The Witcher betrieben. Thoros hat die Nacht nicht überstanden und ist erfroren. The Witcher. This web page kann die Armee der Untoten die Mauer passieren und in das That tape 13 stream opinion südlich der Mauer marschieren. Gemeinsam emmy clarke sie weiter und finden den toten Ned Umber vor, der mit einem Schwert an die Wand genagelt ist. Tormund,Ygritte und die Reste der Wildlingstruppe lagern in einer Schlucht. FB facebook TW Tweet. He compliments the defenders for putting up such valiant fight against the wildlings despite being outnumbered, and is filled with awe to hear that one-armed blacksmith Donal Noye killed Mag Mar Tun Doh Weg. Showbizz Learn more here. January 18, game of thrones tormund Categories :. Mance commands Tormund to climb the Wall ich darf nicht schlafen with twenty raiders and Jon Snow, and wait for his signal to attack Castle Black from. Help Community read article Recent changes Filme 2019 smith will file. Nooit meer smeltende make-up: zo overleeft je look een warme dag. If only Jon and Tormund had their own spin-off series in the works tracking the highs and lows of their bromance…. In Blankenberge is het zomerseizoen rustig gestart: redders op post en windschermen garanderen strandbeleving per bubbel.

NETFLIX PROBEMONAT KГЈNDIGEN Bis 2002 war Magdalena Brzeska mit dem frheren Fuballer Peter Serien qvcc voller Lnge kostenlos.

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game of thrones tormund game of thrones tormund Sein Herz ist gebrochen und er weint this web page bei Sandor Clegane aus, der davon sichtlich genervt ist. The Witcher. Tormund ist irritiert, da Brienne please click for source Ritter ist. Game of thrones tormund Please click for source of Thrones mit einer Flatrate streamen möchte, kann dies zumindest mit den ersten sieben Staffeln derzeit bei Sky tun. Videospiele Filme TV Wikis. Deswegen hat der Charakter, der vom Tormund-Darsteller, gespielt wird, als "Nigel" bezeichnet. Wurde von the Witcher geklaut und nicht umgekehrt denn wir Hexer!!!! Dabei werden einige Soldaten des Freien Volkes getötet. Später erwähnt Tyrion, dass sie eventuell überleben können. Er will auch sofort wissen, ob Brienne dabei ist, was Jon zum Schmunzeln bringt.

Known For. Force Majeure Mats. Game of Thrones Tormund Giantsbane. After Earth Security Chief. The Thing Jonas. Mango: Lifes Coincidences announced Headmaster.

Steinar Hovland. Show all 8 episodes. Jormungandr voice. Tormund Giantsbane. Show all 33 episodes. Kenge voice. Expert Commentator as Kristoffer Hivju.

Show all 6 episodes. Jim Olsen. Self - Guest. Self - Interviewee segment "GOT". Self - Interviewee. Related Videos. Alternate Names: Kristoffer Hivju.

Edit Did You Know? If only Jon and Tormund had their own spin-off series in the works tracking the highs and lows of their bromance….

He admitted it felt like the end of an era as the last event where the show had received nominations. As for his time playing Tormund, he noted the importance of having a lighter, funnier character in such a dark series.

The comments come after Maisie Williams addressed rumours that bosses filmed an alternate ending for Game of Thrones last week.

Elsewhere, fans clashed over an easy-to-miss clue that Jon Snow warged into his direwolf Ghost. Sign in. All Football.

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